Youth Football Coach Shot and Killed in Front of His Players in Ohio

Tuesday in Cincinnati, Ohio, a youth football coach was killed in front of his players after practice.

Sources say that longtime football coach Jermain Knox was shot outside the College Hill Recreation Facility right after football practice was over.

The Cincinnati Police Department says that Knox died at the scene of the accident. Police say that another man was hurt in the leg and taken to a hospital. There were no children hurt.

Local news station WLWT said that hundreds of Knox’s friends, family, and young players came to a vigil on the same field where he taught them on Wednesday to honor their coach.

The coach, also known as “King Maine,” was remembered with speeches, and at the end, balloons were released in his honor.

“He’s going to be truly missed,” a mourner told WLWT. “Good man. I can’t say anything bad about him because he didn’t have a bad bone, and he had a good heart.”

Youth Football Coach Shot in Ohio
Youth Football Coach Shot in Ohio

“If you knew Maine, you knew he loved every last one of these kids,” another mourner shared with the outlet. “There isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for anyone.”

Some other person shared their memory of Knox: “The one thing about Jermaine, he loved this team with his heart and soul. I only got one wish for the Trojan Black organization: to keep it going the same way he would.”

In a statement, the Cincinnati Police Department said that the investigation is still going on and that no suspect in the murder has been named in public.

When we asked the department for more information, they didn’t answer right away. We’ve talked about everything we know about how the youth football coach died in front of his players.

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