Bocchi The Rock! : Hitori’s Rules For Personal Growth

Hitori Gotou, the lead character in Bocchi’s The Rock!, is on a path to self-improvement through exposure, which has been proven to be successful in restoring self-esteem.

Hitori Gotou has been isolated for the majority of her school career due to her issues with social anxiety and low self-esteem. She is significantly developing her social skills and personal growth, as seen by the most recent episode of Bocchi the Rock!, to the point where she can express herself freely and say whatever she wants to.

She has come a long way in just two episodes, which is amazing. She had a terrible time keeping eye contact in the first episode of the series. It appears that she no longer has this problem by the end of this episode. What specifically has she been doing to better herself? To put it simply, exposure therapy.

Hitori’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Audiences have had a peek at Hitori Gotou’s positive traits in just two episodes, but they seem to be swamped by her despair and social anxiety. However, she has been able to develop herself quickly due to her strong positive traits, like her enthusiasm to try new things and her capacity to be resolute and not back down from challenging situations.

This enables her to spend time in settings and circumstances outside of her comfort zone and expose herself to them so she can learn to adjust. Let’s examine the specifics of how Hitori underwent exposure therapy without her knowledge. She first attempts to regularly attend the club because Ryo and Nijika depend on her.

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The initial step—showing up at the venue—is unquestionably the one that has the biggest impact on one’s ability to advance in life and develop oneself. She then actively engages in the group conversation and expresses her opinions.

bocchi the rock anime
bocchi the rock anime

This works because Ryo and Nijika get along with each other well and share Hitori’s traits of being welcoming and open-minded people with their unique peculiarities.

Later, Hitori runs into the club manager, who, due to her nature, terrifies her. She initially panics due to how frightening the manager is, but she soon relaxes after telling herself that she can’t possibly be that horrible.

Then Nijika shows her around the club’s bar, which is called Starry. At first, she finds this to be incredibly overwhelming, so she pulls out the guitar and begins to play while trying to recall the names of the drinks.

She is soon to be exposed and compelled to work in customer service, but she is not yet aware of this. She naturally has trouble when providing customer service for the first time and ends up hiding behind the counter, but that doesn’t deter her.

Hitori attempts the customer service position once more and gives it her best effort after learning how a great band engages the audience. She repeats the directions while concentrating on dealing with the consumer, and she ultimately does a fantastic job. Before the evening is through, Hitori bids her bandmates farewell with a nearly assured and well-spoken, “See you tomorrow!”

Hitori Still Has A Long Way To Go

Her exposure to settings outside of her comfort zone was a major factor in her success in gaining self-esteem and confidence. Any situation where Hitori must engage with others puts her outside of her comfort zone.

She participated in a group activity with her new friends, encountered an unsettling individual, had to deal with clients as part of her profession, and experienced a wonderful time at an underground event where a well-known band was performing and there were a lot of people having a great time.

She is shown leaving the scene at the end of the episode with a sincere smile on her face, suggesting that she has enjoyed herself. It’s a touching moment and a significant win for Hitori, whose confidence, social abilities, and self-esteem have all grown as a result of exposure therapy.

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Final Words

Hitori Gotou, the main character of Bocchi’s The Rock! is on a path to self-improvement through exposure, which has been shown to help people get their self-esteem back. Hitori Gotou has had a hard time making friends at school because she has social anxiety and low self-esteem.

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