How Much Money Does Steve Bannon Have? His Net Worth!

Stephen Kevin Bannon is an American media executive, political strategist, and former investment banker. He was born on November 27, 1953. During the first seven months of President Trump’s term in office, he was the White House’s top strategist.

He was on the board of directors at the failed data analytics business Cambridge Analytica and served as executive chairman of Breitbart News. Between 1978 until 1983, Bannon served as an officer in the United States Navy.

Upon completion of his military obligation, he spent two years in the investment banking division of Goldman Sachs. In 1993, he was appointed interim director of the Biosphere 2 research project.

As an executive producer in Hollywood, he oversaw the making of 18 movies between 1991 and 2016. Breitbart News, a far-right website he described in 2016 as “the platform for the alt-right,” was created by him and two others in 2007.

Steve Bannon Net Worth
Steve Bannon Net Worth

Steve Bannon Early Life

Stephen Bannon’s parents, Doris, a housewife, and Martin, a telephone lineman, gave birth to him on November 27, 1953, in Norfolk, Virginia. He has a bit of both Irish and German blood in him. Bannon attended Benedictine College Prep, a Catholic military school in Richmond, when he was younger.

After that, he went to Virginia Tech and spent his summers working at a scrap metal yard. After earning his urban planning degree from Virginia Tech, he served as an officer in the United States Navy for seven years.

During this time, he attended graduate school and earned an M.A. in national security studies from Georgetown and a Master of Business Administration from Harvard. After leaving the Navy, Bannon worked as an investment banker in Goldman Sachs’ Mergers & Acquisitions Division.

He relocated to the Los Angeles area in 1987 to help the company strengthen its foothold in the film and television production markets. After working with other people for three years, Bannon decided to start his own company. It was during his tenure as CEO that he was appointed to lead the earth science research project Biosphere 2 in Oracle, Arizona.

Steve Bannon Media Career

By the early 1990s, Bannon had immersed himself in the media business, rising to the position of executive producer on numerous Hollywood films like “The Indian Runner” and “Titus.” A few years later, in 2002, he formed a partnership with entertainment industry veteran Jeff Kwatinetz to form the management company The Firm, Inc.

And then he filmed a documentary on Ronald Reagan called “In the Face of Evil,” which is what brought him to the attention of conservative journalist and publisher Andrew Breitbart, who likened Bannon to Nazi filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl.

After that, Bannon helped fund and produce a number of crazy right-wing movies including “The Undefeated” and “Occupy Unmasked.” He led Affinity Media as its CEO and chairman between 2007 and 2011. In addition, he was a vice president on the board of Cambridge Analytica, the company that illegally targeted American voters with data analytics in the 2016 presidential election.

Bannon’s most infamous media work was as a co-founder of Breitbart News, a far-right website known for its publication of hate speech. After a brief stint in the White House, he returned to his role as executive chair of the website’s parent firm in 2017. Bannon was fired from Breitbart in 2018. As a result, he established Citizens of the American Republic, a secretive fundraising group.

Steve Bannon Personal Life

Bannon is a staunch opponent of immigration, a climate change denier, and a supporter of authoritarian populist movements in the United States and Europe. Bannon has been married and divorced a number of times. He had a daughter named Maureen with his first wife, Cathleen Suzanne Houff.

Bannon remarried in 1995 to Mary Louise Piccard, a former investment banker, the couple had previously been divorced. They had a set of identical twins and later broke up in 1997. Misdemeanor charges of domestic violence, battery, and attempting to influence a witness were brought against Bannon during their marriage. He eventually wed Diane Clohesy in 2006, only to end their marriage in 2009.

Steve Bannon Net Worth

Steve Bannon is a political consultant and media executive in the United States, and he is worth $20 million. Steve Bannon is remembered as Donald Trump‘s senior strategist throughout the first seven months of the President’s administration. A former executive chairman of the far-right website Breitbart, he also sat on the board of the collapsed data analytics business Cambridge Analytica.

Steve Bannon Net Worth
Steve Bannon Net Worth

Bannon was arrested in 2020 and charged with conspiracy to conduct mail fraud and money laundering; the following year, he was held in contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with a subpoena related to an investigation into the attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Films such as “The Undefeated,” “Fire from the Heartland: The Awakening of the Conservative Woman,” and “Occupy Unmasked” were all funded and produced by Bannon. Acting Director of Biosphere 2 before moving to Hollywood to executive produce “Titus” (1999) with Anthony Hopkin.

Final Lines

Stephen Kevin Bannon is a former investment banker, who now works as a media executive and political strategist in the United States. He has a sizable amount of money in the bank. I really hope the article that was provided for you all is helpful. Stay connected with us at for any additional information regarding the revised article.

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