Why Did Kaycee and Brother Kenny Leave “The Challenge”?

When the 38th season of The Challenge, “Ride or Dies,” started, the reigning champion, Kaycee Clark and her younger brother, Kenny Clark, were there. Viewers are wondering why the siblings were taken out of the competition.

They were trying to win the grand prize, but last night they didn’t get much air time because they were eliminated before the first challenge. Now, Kaycee is telling why both of them were kicked off the reality show.

Before the first challenge, host TJ Lavin said that Kaycee and Kenny had to leave the game and that Olivia Kaiser and Horacio Gutierrez and Nam Vo and Emmy Rus would take their place.

Fans are still wondering where Kaycee and Kenny went, which doesn’t come as a surprise. Kaycee told EW that they were kicked out of the game because The Challenge contestants had tested positive for Covid. She also said that they have no idea how they got it.

Kaycee and Kenny May Come Back to The Challenge

According to the above-said publication, Kaycee stated, “Apparently me and my brother had it. It was traveling, going to Argentina [to film this season], we ended up getting COVID and getting sick.”

She was lucky that she didn’t have any symptoms, but she was shocked by the news. Despite the problem, it looks like viewers may not have seen the last of Kaycee and her brother this season, as they may come back to the game.

Kaycee was shown in the season trailer that came out after the first episode. This seems to show that she and her brother will try again to win the money on The Challenge. At this time, we don’t know when Kaycee and Kenny might have come back. But there is still hope that the couple did come back to make more action movies.


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Now that The Challenge 38 has started, people can look forward to a lot. This was the first time on the MTV show that the contestants could choose their own partners. But that doesn’t mean that this season won’t have any drama.

Every season of the show has its ups and downs, and this one will be no different. With a share of $1 million on the line, the contestants will do anything to get into TJ’s final. People will have to watch the show to find out how the season ends and who gets that coveted spot in the final.

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