A Country Music Icon Patsy Cline Death News Is Revealed!

The country music icon Patsy Cline made a chilling proclamation shortly before she was killed in a horrific plane crash. She told another performer, “I’ve had two bad [accidents].” Either the third time’s a charm or it’ll be my last.

The following week, after performing in Kansas City, Cline boarded a tiny Piper PA-24 Comanche plane. Randy Hughes, her manager and country music stars Hawkshaw Hawkins and Cowboy Copas were also on board.

Returning to their home in Nashville, Tennessee was supposed to be simple. Instead, thirteen minutes after takeoff, Hughes became disoriented in the clouds. The plane went down in flames as it slammed into the trees near Camden, Tennessee.

The timepiece on Patsy Cline’s wrist stopped at 6:20 p.m. on March 5, 1963, the exact moment she was killed in a plane crash. She only turned 30…Now it’s time to dig our post.

The Evolution Of A Country Music Icon

By the time of her untimely demise in 1963, country music legend Patsy Cline had already cemented her place in history. It’s with “Walkin’ After Midnight” and “I Fall To Pieces,” both written and performed by Cline. One of the most popular jukebox songs of all time, “Crazy” was written by a young Willie Nelson and performed by her.

However, fame wasn’t something that just popped into existence. Cline had a traumatic upbringing after being born Virginia Patterson Hensley on September 8, 1932, in Winchester, Virginia. At the age of fifteen, she embarked on a journey away from home in pursuit of a career as a singer. Cline’s mother remarked, “She never knew a note of music.” Simply put,she had talent.”

Her first husband’s surname, Cline and her middle name, Patterson, combined to create her famous stage name. However, according to reports, the marriage was loveless and eventually ended after Cline became famous.

Eventually, with the help of a new manager named Randy Hughes, Cline was able to break out into the mainstream. In 1962, she joined the Johnny Cash Show on tour where she performed at prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall. New York Times reviewer Robert Shelton praised Cline for his “convincing way with ‘heart songs.'”

Cline met and married her second and last husband, Charlie Dick around this time and the couple had two children together. Cline, however, was beginning to feel an ominous presence behind the scenes. She told country music stars June Carter and Loretta Lynn that she had visions of her death.

Cline drew out her will in April 1961 on a flight with Delta Airlines, down to the clothing she wanted to wear at her funeral. Cline was only 28 years old, but she had a frightening premonition about the future.

Even though Patsy Cline was thinking about dying, she lived fully until the end. By Monday, March 3, she was off to Kansas City for a charity show after performing that weekend in New Orleans and Birmingham.

There, Cline performed some of her most well-known songs as the show’s closer. These included “She’s Got You,” “Sweet Dreams,” “Crazy” and “I Fall to Pieces.”

Patsy Cline Death
Patsy Cline Death

Friends of Cline’s who also performed in the show, as Dottie West will never forget the “gorgeous white chiffon dress” Cline wore. She was stunning. When she performed “Bill Baily,” [the audience] erupted in cheers and applause. The ferocity of the situation was extinguished by her singing.

Cline went back to her hotel after her show ended. The next day, she and Hughes—who was also the pilot—attempted to fly back to Nashville but thick fog prevented takeoff. It was West who invited Cline to ride home with her and her husband on the 16-hour journey.

Cline said, “Don’t worry about me, Hoss.” Her next words, “When it’s my time to go, it’s my time to go,” were chillingly final.

Cline caught a flight with Hughes the following day from Kansas City Municipal Airport. Hawkshaw Hawkins and Cowboy Copas, two additional country singers, joined Cline and Hughes on stage.

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Around 2 in the afternoon, they left to make a pit stop for gas in Dyersburg, Tennessee. Hughes was warned of the strong winds and poor visibility conditions there. Even so, he disregarded the caution. After all, “I’ve already come this far,” Hughes declared. Quickly, we’ll be back in Nashville.

Patsy Cline Death
Patsy Cline Death

Hughes, Cline and the others took to the air around 6:07 p.m. A short time after liftoff, Hughes, however, got lost in the clouds. Having lost all sense of direction, he blindly plunged into a graveyard spiral.

Searchers found a wing embedded in a tree and the engine in a six-foot hole in the ground the following morning, indicating that the plane had crashed nose-first. Dead bodies littered the ground, everyone had been killed instantly.

Patsy Cline’s Death Is Revealed Throughout The World

In the world of music, Patsy Cline’s passing was a huge shock. Cline may have been cut down too soon but her legacy in country music will endure. She wore lipstick that matched her pants and cowboy boots on stage for the first time in Grand Ole Opry history.

Cline was the first female artist to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame as a solo act in 1973 and her distinctive singing style is credited with helping to merge pop and country music.

In the years leading up to her untimely demise, Patsy Cline pondered whether or not she would ever be able to top the achievements of 1962 when she was named “Top Country Female Singer” by the music vendors of America and “Star of the Year” by Music Reporter.

Patsy Cline Death
Patsy Cline Death

Cline exclaimed to a friend via email, “It’s wonderful.” Yet, I find myself wondering, “What am I to do in 1963?” Now, not even Cline understands what Cline is saying. Unfortunately, Patsy Cline passed away before 1963 and could see her full potential.

However, her fame has only grown since her untimely passing and her music is still widely respected and enjoyed.

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