Tom Felton Discusses His Past Struggle With Alcoholism In A New Memoir

In a brand-new book, actor Tom Felton shares his personal story of alcoholism. In his new memoir, “Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard,” the actor best known for playing the antagonist Draco Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” film series talks about some of his more difficult experiences after his success as a young actor.

According to an excerpt from a letter written by Felton and published by People, “I went from not being particularly interested [in drinking] to regularly having a few pints a day before the sun had even gone down and a shot of whiskey to go with each of them.”

However, the issue wasn’t with the alcohol. The problem was that. He continued, “The issue was deeper. His habit soon became so out of control that his friends and family organized an intervention which also included his lawyer, who was well-versed in the financial toll that drug and alcohol abuse takes.

Tom Felton Discusses His Past Struggle With Alcoholism In A New Memoir
Tom Felton Discusses His Past Struggle With Alcoholism In A New Memoir

I had hardly ever met my lawyer face to face but he spoke quietly and honestly, Felton recalled. He said, “Tom, I don’t know you that well but you seem like a nice guy. This is the seventeenth intervention I’ve attended in my career is all I want to say. Eleven of them are now deceased. Do not be the last.

One of the hardest decisions he had to make, according to Felton was to decide to get treatment and help. However, the very fact that I was able to admit to myself that I needed some help and that I was going to take action to address it was a crucial step. I am not afraid to raise my hands and admit that I’m not okay anymore,” he wrote.

The most recent movie in which Felton, who is now 35 had a leading role was “Burial.” The celebrity concluded his book by saying, “I am not alone in having these feelings.” As with physical illness which affects everyone at some point in their lives, mental illness also affects everyone. Nothing shameful about that. It doesn’t represent weakness.

The struggles Felton had with substance abuse and the steps he took to overcome them are being discussed by a number of other prominent people right now. A memoir about the “Friends” star Matthew Perry’s battles with addiction both while filming the popular NBC program and afterward, is currently being published. The book by Felton is presently offered by Grand Central Publishing.

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