David Unsolved Mysteries: What Happened To Him?

Unsolved Mysteries’ third volume debuted on Netflix marking the return of the true-crime docuseries with a fresh batch of cases. Three episodes were uploaded to the streaming service today with the third focusing on the murder of Michigan-based father David Carter whose body was discovered with his body parts inside of a sleeping bag days after he went missing in 2018.

Carter’s case is a recent mystery that will break viewers’ hearts because a person of interest is currently on the run and his family is searching for answers. Here is all the information you need to know about David Carter, his life and the people the police are looking for in connection with his slaying.

Who Is David Carter?

On October 1, 2018, the body of 39-year-old father David Carter Sr., who lived in Melvindale, Michigan was discovered to be dismembered. Carter who volunteered for the Melvindale Junior Football League and worked at the Magna Seating Plant was reported missing in the first week of October 2018 after missing three days of work.

On September 28, Carter his entire family, and DJ’s mother Samia Conner attended DJ’s football game. Tamera “Tammy” Williams, a medical center employee and travel agent who has been his girlfriend for six months were also present. However, according to Conner, “David and Tammy came to the game together but weren’t together at the game.”

What Happened To David Carter?

According to the Netflix documentary, Carter’s son DJ went to his father’s house on September 30 to pick up a few things after his mother Samia Conner allegedly got a text from Carter’s phone saying he was feeling under the weather.

When DJ arrived at his father’s home, he allegedly observed Carter’s girlfriend Tammy emptying the trash. According to DJ,She ran to the apartment door — like ran.” “Additionally, the door was locked when I arrived at my dad’s house. She should have left it unlocked since she saw me but I had the key.”

Williams reportedly informed the teenager that Carter had gone for a walk before closing the bathroom door and telling DJ his bedroom door was closed.

David Unsolved Mysteries
David Unsolved Mysteries

When Carter failed to arrive for work on September 30, a coworker asked his sister Tasia Carter-Jackson to check on him on October 2. She reportedly found his front door unlocked and his bed unmade when she went to his apartment. She claimed that the mattress which also had a gunshot hole in it had a sizable blood stain on top and underneath it.

Carter’s lower torso and legs were discovered in a sleeping bag in weeds along a highway in Eagle Township, Ohio, on October 1. Carter’s head was discovered in a black duffel bag nine days later with a gunshot wound under his ear, and his upper torso and hands were discovered in a suitcase on October 16.

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Who Killed David Carter?

Body in Bags, an Unsolved Mysteries episode centers on the question of whether Carter’s girlfriend Tammy was responsible for his death. Williams is wanted by the US Department of Justice in connection with Carter’s death for “mutilation, dismemberment of a dead body, tampering with evidence and felony firearm,” according to Fox2.

According to reports, Williams is the subject of a $10,000 US Marshals reward for information. In September 2021, police stated that they believed Williams’s family may have assisted her in eluding capture.

David Unsolved Mysteries
David Unsolved Mysteries

In the documentary, Andrew Battersby of the US Marshals Task Force in Detroit said: “Someone is assisting her both financially and by giving her a roof over her head. She merely did not vanish.”

Williams is regarded as “a dangerous woman,” he continued, adding that “the weapon that was used has not been recovered.” She might therefore be “armed and dangerous,” in his opinion.

Williams, who had previously worked as a travel agent and at a hospital was first detained on October 5, 2018, after Carter’s body was discovered but she was later freed because there wasn’t enough proof to keep her in detention.

According to Click On Detroit, she left Detroit in the middle of October, and as a result, the police started looking for her.

Supervisory Deputy US Marshal Aaron Garcia told Fox2 in September 2021, “We are going to find you. “Since we began looking into this case three years ago, there hasn’t been much cooperation. People are aware of where she is, where she is located and how to contact her. They have not yet spoken up.”

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