Who is Cole Bennett? Know About the American Business Executive and Video Director

Cole Bennett is a 26-years-old American video director who is a business executive passionate about music since an early age. The founder of the company “Lyrical Lemonade” which is a music promotion and event coordination company is extremely successful at this stage of his life.

He started his blogging career after he found his interest in rapping back in high school. His main motive for his blogging career was to put out his musical journey, and experiences and share about musical gigs across Chicago.

As a matter of fact, his blog is also named “Lyrical Lemonade” and he even enjoyed making videos. So, how has been his career so far and who is Cole Bennett? Know about the true story of this successful public figure.

Who is Cole Bennett?

On 14th May 1996, Cole Bennett was born in Plano, Illinois. He always aspired to build his own empire and he has been fortunate enough to do so. Cole was focused on making his identity.

With the “Lyrical Lemonade” blog, he started recording his lifestyle. It started as a blog that was personally run by Cole. Since he is a music aficionado, he used to discuss all the gigs hosted across his hometown that he attended and enjoyed. He wanted the blog to reach people.

So, he used to write as many as five articles a day at a time to maximise the potential of the blog. Soon his mother gave him a camera and he utilised that to make a music video. Though he started as an amateur music director, he slowly became a professional.


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Cole got enrolled in DePaul University where he took up digital cinema but soon he dropped out of his sophomore years to give his full dedication to “Lyrical Lemonade”. The decision was wise since Cole was already a highly renowned name in the musical industry of Chicago.

Cole Bennett launched his company “Lyrical Lemonade” which works with exclusive musical content, arranges live events and helps artists with music-related works. This is quite an innovative approach that had helped him to land big clients. Cole’s major break was when he works on Soulja Boy’s music video “Working It”.

Bennett personally invested hours behind the animation of the video and that ended up giving him a huge game. Top artists like Lil Pump, Wiz Khalifa, Smokepump, Dex, Warhol and many others have worked with him.

Cole even got the opportunity to work on the 2017 short film “Lon Springs” which benefitted his career hugely. As years passed by, his blog started gaining more traffic and in 2022, “Lyrical Lemonade” has become a trusted company that supports fresh music apart from serving news about the music industry.

Only the best and leading music artists are associated with the company. His inspirational journey has won the heart of people. During his TED talk at the University of Illinois, he said that “Mindset is Everything”. And it is true.

His strong willpower and positive attitude towards business have made him a top name in the industry. Publications like “Rolling Stone”, “Billboard”, and “Forbes” have featured this young businessman. 

In fact, he is quite popular on social media as well. The company’s YouTube channel has over 10 million subscribers. On Instagram, his personal account has got somewhere around 2 million followers whereas 500,000 followers on Twitter. He may be at the peak of his career now but he never forgets to remain humble and down to earth.

Cole Bennett’s Personal Life

Cole is in a loving relationship with photographer Lana Marie. The couple has never openly talked about or confirmed their relationship but multiple sources say that they are dating for quite now.

Know About Cole Bennett’s Houses and Cars

Cole is pretty smart when it comes to investments. The businessman has 5 real estate properties that are pretty exclusive. His primary house is 6,400 square feet and is situated in the gorgeous location of Plano, Illinois.

Besides that, he has multiple stock investments and big fat Cash Reserves of more than $10 million. The most impressive fact is that Cole Bennett owns luxury cars and a yacht. Some of the cars he owns are 

  •     Jaguar F-Type
  •     Range Rover Velar
  •     Volvo XC40
  •     Audi A6
  •     Land Rover Discovery
  •     Jaguar XE

Thus, Cole Bennett is pretty successful in life and is estimated to make over $19 million every year. So, with such a huge list of achievements, there is definitely more to Cole Bennett’s future.

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