What Transpired In The HBO Season Finale Of “House Of The Dragon”

House of the Dragon’s season finale, “The Black Queen,” depicts Emma D’Arcy as the rightful heir to the throne as she tries to gain support from the other houses without resorting to violence. Aemond, Alicent’s so rides the rogue dragon Vhagar killing her son Luke after he tried in vain to gain an ally among the Baratheons (an intimidating Ewan Mitchell).

Two toddlers dead in one day! (At the beginning of the episode, Rhaenyra miscarried her sixth child, adding to the evidence from the first season of HOTD that having a Targaryen child can be dangerous to one’s health. As a matter of fact, war has already begun. It’s time for the Dragon Dance to begin.

Just to recap, in the final act, only Aemond, who inadvertently kills himself, and Otto Hightower (Rhys Ifans), who demands devotion to the new king, are Greens (those who support the crowning of Aegon II, Alicent’s son).

House Of The Dragon Season Finale
House Of The Dragon Season Finale

Friendlies arrive in the form of Lord Corlys Velaryon (Steve Touissant), who vows fealty to Rhaenyra, and the episode focuses solely on the Blacks (Rhaenyra’s crew) in Dragonstone. She was even given a coronation of her own. Exactly where did you get that crown? Oh right, that belonged to her dad all along!

Olivia Cooke, star of “House of the Dragon,” discusses how she is not playing a villain in the film. Things aren’t going so well with Daemon (Matt Smith). It was a deep family secret that Viserys never shared with his wild sibling, but now he knows how the Song of Fire and Ice prophecy came to be known to Rhaenyra through their brother.

Daemon becomes so furious that he nearly suffocates his wife. (What may be the drawback of marrying one’s uncle?) Daemon is eager for blood and does not approve of Rhaenyra‘s “wait who attacks first” strategy, threatening his two crippled knights with a burning death if they do not swear fealty to Rhaenyra.

When pitted against Aegon’s Green army, the Blacks have 13 dragons, while Aegon’s forces only have 4. Tonight and tomorrow, we’ll have more coverage of the season finale, beginning with an interview with showrunner and executive producer Ryan Condal.

In the meanwhile, what did you think of the episode? Just wondering if you liked the painted table we did. Is the series conclusion true to the novels, if you are a fan of George R.R. Martin?

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