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Who Is Liam Hemsworth Dating? Are They Going To Get Married?

Liam Hemsworth Dating

Liam Hemsworth Dating

When Liam Hemsworth was spotted kissing another woman, everyone knew he was officially over Maddison Brown. His parents met model Gabriella Brooks when he brought her home, and he was later spotted kissing her on the beach. Liam seemed to have been open to new experiences from the start of their relationship onward.

Even though Liam’s family has been there for him through this whole Miley split, it was Gabriella who helped him see that he can move on with his life. A source from the entertainment industry described Gabriella as “quiet and low-key” in an April 2020 report for Entertainment Tonight.

She prefers quiet time with Liam and doesn’t need anyone’s approval. In 2020, the model celebrated Luke Hemsworth’s birthday with Liam and the rest of the family. There have been numerous encounters (and kisses) since then, and Miley‘s devoted fans have not been able to rest easy. Lately, though, there have been several whispers that the couple has split up.

It was reported to In Touch that the couple broke up “a couple of months ago” because Liam “didn’t want to be tied down, and work has picked up since the pandemic ended.” Page Six reportedly tried to get in touch with Liam’s representatives multiple times but did not receive a reply.

So, unless there’s confirmation one way or the other, it’s best to treat breakup rumors with a healthy dose of skepticism. Put on your best Sherlock Holmes impression and keep reading if you really want to know more about Gabriella right now.

When They Met, Gabriella Brooks Was Newly Single

You might find it interesting to learn that in addition to being a successful and gorgeous model, she was formerly in a relationship with Matthew Healy, the lead singer of 1975, for four years. It would appear that Gabriella and Matthew ended their relationship in the fall of 2019, which means that she and Liam have both recently emerged from long-term partnerships.

They Are Now An Instagram Phenomenon

After avoiding the spotlight for some time, the couple reemerged at a charity event in Sydney late last year. At the party, they posed for pictures together. The actor said it was a “fantastic night” for raising money and awareness for children’s mental health, calling it “one of the most important and tough topics.”

Those who attended the Gold Dinner for the Sydney Children’s Hospital tweeted their gratitude to @itsmondotcom for hosting the event. S’cute!Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to upload, view, and interact with one another’s images and videos. The information is also available on their website, where you may even get more details.

Their Friends And Family Are Close

Liam is close with Gabriella’s friends and even appeared in a photo of Samantha Hemsworth and Michele Merkin from last May. On the website Instagram, users can upload both images and videos. The same information can be available on another website, or you might discover more details on their website.

Gabriella Brooks Helped Him Overcome Divorce

In April 2020, a source informed Entertainment Tonight that Liam’s new ship helped him heal from the heartbreak of his split from Miley Cyrus. While Liam’s family has been there for him since his separation from Miley, the insider claims that it was Gabriella who helped him see that the world does not end when you lose a significant other.

Gabriella, despite being so young, is completely in love with him. She is well-liked by his family and friends. There was instant, undeniable energy between them. Wowowow!

Gabriella Brooks Is Also From Australia!

Elle UK claims Gabriella lives in Sydney and attends university to major in archaeology and ancient history. According to a source who spoke with E! in March 2020, the pair grew closer because of this shared interest.

That they share an Australian background is “certainly nice for both of them,” the source added. She feels the same way he does about Australia; they have a lot of fun visiting friends and relatives there. He doesn’t sense any repulsion or separation.

Final Lines

On the 26th of December, Liam uploaded several photos to Instagram from his adorable trip with Gabriella. The Daily Mail also said that Liam’s brother Chris and his wife Elsa Pataky were along for the European vacation.

It looks like everyone in the family is on board with this. Moreover, Elsa gave us a sneak peek at the action on her own Instagram. We don’t have a tonne of information at this time, but we’ll be sure to revise the piece accordingly.

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