Are Matt Bolton And Colleen Reed Still Dating After Season Three Of “Love Is Blind”?

Be sure to fill up your golden chalices, because Love Is Blind has returned for a wild third season. The first four episodes of the Netflix dating reality show premiered on October 19 and judging by the reactions to the teasers, this season may be the most dramatic one yet. But before that, it’s time to head back to the pods!

Thirty singles from Dallas entered “pods” in February to have one-on-one conversations behind a wall. In case you aren’t familiar with the show’s premise, it centers around pairs who fall in love without ever meeting each other before they decide to get engaged and are allowed to see each other only after the wedding.

The crew is released into the “real world” after the proposals are made, and they must figure out how to make things work there. Once back in Dallas, couples have only a few weeks to decide whether or not they still want to go through with the wedding.

Matt Love Is Blind Season 3
Matt Love Is Blind Season 3

Colleen Reed, a ballerina, is quickly becoming a fan favorite in season 3. Even though Colleen has several brief flings in the pods, it is 28-year-old private charter sales executive Matt Bolton who wins her heart. Is it true that they broke up?

Before Committing, Colleen Has A Few In-Pod Flings

When Colleen introduces herself by saying, “I’m a ballet dancer so I’m very flexible and limber,” she tends to create a lot of buzzes. Ballet is very physically extensive,” Brennon Lemieux slams into her. You should be physically fit. Cole Barnett claims that her suppleness was enough to sway his decision to date her.

Not that I completely disprove the “love is blind” theory, but I do recognize your point. However, Brennon begins developing feelings for another cast member, Alexa Alfia, and eventually ends his relationship with Colleen (who does not take it well). She walks out of the capsule and sobs in the ladies’ room.

She then turns her attention to Cole, who, despite agreeing that he and Colleen would have “hot babies,” expresses apprehension about how “deep” their relationship could become emotionally. This ultimately results in Colleen becoming extremely vulnerable and running straight into Matt‘s arms. Or, to put it another way, the wall of a pod.

What Happens With Matt?

Soon after breaking up with Colleen, Cole has a touching conversation with Matt in which she admits that she struggles to show emotion. Matt says he was married for eighteen years, from the time he was eighteen until he was twenty-four. Despite all the bickering Colleen has to deal with in the first few episodes, the two of them have a sweet romance.

Matt says in an introspective right before the big meet-up, “I’ve waited for this connection and for someone to bring me out of my shell.” They eventually fall in love (still through the wall) and Matt presents Colleen with a massive rock.

They Decide To Take Their Relationship To The Next Level And Get Engaged

After many in-depth conversations, Matt finally asks Colleen if she’s ready to tie the knot, and she enthusiastically responds with a yes. As she sings, “I love Matt,” Colleen even begins to shimmy her shoulders. Adorable. Their run-and-jump greeting is fit for The Bachelorette, so it’s safe to assume that they’re pleased with what they see after getting engaged.

This Trailer Shows That The Couple’s Relationship Is Not Going Well

There is a strong hint that the couple encounters an obstacle, and not just because Cole Barnett suggests they “just swap fiancées” in the extended trailer. Matt yells from the trailer, “Tell me how to stay, ’cause I’m out.” Yikes. That’s not a good sign. After that, there’s a close-up of Colleen sobbing uncontrollably while holding her head in her hands.

Is There Still Romance Between Colleen And Matt?


Only four episodes have been released so far, and many more are still on the way. They look like they’ll have their ups and downs for sure. I have done some social media sleuthing to find out where these two stand until the remaining episodes air. What I discovered is as follows.

Matt Love Is Blind Season 3 (1)
Matt Love Is Blind Season 3 (1)

Even though it’s not typical for a new couple to not follow each other on Instagram, these two don’t appear to be following each other before their big debut. The fact that they dislike each other’s photographs raises some eyebrows. That’s right, not a single one! In fact, I went and double-checked!

But they’re friends on Venmo, which isn’t proof of anything romantic but does indicate that they’re exchanging cash on dates. Groceries? Sharing an apartment? Who can say? Due to the confidential nature of Matt’s Venmo accounts, I am unable to verify any ties between them.

Colleen, Raven, and Alexa went on a disco-desert-themed Arizona girl’s trip that was screaming “bachelorette party,” but it’s clear that they’re still close because Colleen made a Venmo purchase from Raven Ross for Tito’s vodka around that time. The exact one is Alexa’s.

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