WhatsApp Is Down Worldwide, Group and Individual Chats Not Working

Since 12.30 pm today, the instant messaging app WhatsApp has been down. Users couldn’t send messages to group chats, and messages sent to individuals only showed one tick. Many WhatsApp users said that there were problems with their chats around the world.

But Meta, the company that owns WhatsApp and Facebook, has not yet given an official answer. Not only did the WhatsApp app for phones go down, but so did the WhatsApp web app and the WhatsApp desktop app. No one knows how long it will take for WhatsApp to get back to normal.

At the same time, Twitter was full of memes about WhatsApp being down. Several users said they came to Twitter to see if everyone’s WhatsApp was down.

“coming to see if whatsapp’s down with the one ticks,” wrote a Twitter user. “People Coming to Twitter to see if WhatsApp is down,” tweeted another user.

Reports say that Meta, the company that owns the instant messaging app WhatsApp, is thinking about making a few big changes that would make the app better for everyone.

The platform for instant messaging is working on many updates right now, such as making chat groups bigger, making screenshots impossible on the “View Once” feature, letting people share documents with captions, and more.

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