Kelly Rizzo Mourns ‘Protector’ Husband Bob Saget Before Anniversary

Kelly Rizzo misses everything about her late husband, Bob Saget, but one thing is on her mind most of the time.

The food blogger said that Bob Saget was her “protector” and that she feels more alone than ever without him. Rizzo, who is 43 years old, told Entertainment Tonight, “I want to say everything, but just his protection.”

“I felt safer with Bob in the world, ’cause he just took care of everybody so much,” Rizzo continued. “He was such a protector and a caretaker. He just made you feel so safe. He handled everything. He took care of everything.”

Rizzo also said that Saget made her feel at ease, but she is finding a way to feel at ease on her own. “With him around, I just felt, like, so safe, and so it’s almost like my shield is gone,” she added.


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“But, at the same time, then you learn to do some of those things yourself and then you feel [that] he taught me so many things that now I’m bringing with me. It’s a way to kind of keep him around.”

Saget died in January from a head injury that was a surprise. At the time, he was only 65. On Oct. 30, 2018, Rizzo married Saget. Now, their fourth wedding anniversary is coming up, and she won’t be alone to celebrate it.

“It’s so strange because I keep thinking like, ‘Gosh, we weren’t married that long, like, four years doesn’t seem like that long, you know?'” she told ET.


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“And I know that if he were here, we would be celebrating by having caviar and champagne which was — sounds a little bougie, but that was his favourite.”

So, Rizzo will meet a friend at a new place in town for caviar and champagne. “And I know Bob would approve,” she said.

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