Is Nick Cannon Sick? His Autoimmune Illness Revealed

Nick Cannon, a TV celebrity and numerous children’s father, began his career in the entertainment business more than 20 years ago. He didn’t get a head start in the entertainment industry until 2005, which helped to establish his career as an artist.

Wild ‘N Out, an MTV improv comedy series, was created and produced by Cannon. The TV host has since aimed for the stars, enjoying a successful career hosting award shows, TV shows, and talent shows.

America’s Got Talent, which would be the focal point of the host’s meteoric career, employed Cannon as its host for over ten years. He began hosting The Masked Singer in 2021 and has since worked on several projects while juggling his ongoing controversy over his anti-Semitic views, his support for black supremacy, and, obviously, his growing family.

Cannon had kept his health a secret matter despite all the attention on the show until he felt it was important to raise awareness of his struggle with a chronic illness. Cannon underwent hospitalization in January 2012 for minor renal failure. He was once more admitted for a pulmonary embolism later that same year, revealing his ongoing battle with lupus nephritis.

The 41-year-old talked about his 10-year struggle with lupus in a recent episode of his talk show, The Nick Cannon Show. He shared a video of himself playing with his kids at the time when he first noticed severe swelling, shortness of breath, and “excruciating” pain in his right side. He also described in the video how he learned he had two potentially fatal blood clots in his lungs.

What Is Nick Cannon’s Disease, Lupus Nephritis?

An autoimmune condition called lupus can present itself in many different ways. Lupus results in broad bodily inflammation and tissue damage, including facial scarring and renal inflammation. The brain, lungs, kidneys, blood vessels, joints, skin, and skin may all be impacted. Particularly, chronic kidney illness lupus nephritis results in inflammation of the kidney tissue.

Is Nick Cannon Sick
Is Nick Cannon Sick

According to, lupus nephritis can cause a variety of symptoms, some of which include weariness, blood in the urine, body part enlargement, and uncontrolled high blood pressure. Additionally, there are six different classes of lupus nephritis, with class one being the least harmful and class six affecting more than 90% of the vital blood arteries in the kidney. Which class Cannon belonged to is unknown.

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Cannon’s battle with lupus began in 2012 when he first had significant symptoms due to blood clots in his lungs and mild kidney failure. Cannon expressed his desire to raise awareness about lupus while encouraging people who are coping with the chronic illness to never give up in an interview with HuffPost Live in 2014.

“It actually drives me. It was one of those things where, even when I first got sick, I told them to turn the cameras on. I created the NCredible Health Hustle and I wanted to document this process because I wanted to inspire others that may be dealing with this condition or a similar condition…to say, you don’t have to let it stop you.”

“I just want to get out there and continue to educate and be that pillar in the community to say, ‘Hey, well, he’s doing it and he’s strong when he does it.’ So I feel like it’s given me new purpose on this Earth, so I embrace it wholeheartedly.”

In a subsequent conversation with HuffPost, Cannon elaborated on the methods he’s learned to be effective in stopping the spread of this chronic condition by sharing his learning process about living with lupus.

“I’m healthier now than I’ve ever been before because of the research, because of the education that I’ve received on the proper things to eat and the proper things to put into my body—what can cause flare ups and what can’t, and preventative measures and all of these things,” he said. “And when you can share that information and share knowledge and research, I think that helps more than anything.”

Over the years, a lot of famous people have spoken out about their autoimmune illness struggles. The adored former Disney employee Selena Gomez received a lupus diagnosis in 2014 and opened up about her experience with the illness, which included chemotherapy and a kidney transplant.

In addition, discoid lupus erythematous was discovered to be the cause of Seal’s facial scarring when he was 23 years old. The R&B singer Toni Braxton, who is behind the smash song “Un-break My Heart,” has recently spoken out about her struggle with lupus, admitting that she often finds it difficult to “balance it all” between her issues and her singing career.

Even though there is no known cure for lupus, life expectancy is higher than ever because 80–90% of those who have the condition can expect to have a normal lifespan, even if they frequently need organ donations. The statement “despite a decade of close calls, blood transfusions, chemotherapy, and hospitals, I continue to push through” is still made by Cannon as of 2022.


Lupus is an autoimmune disease that appears in a variety of ways. Lupus causes broad inflammation and tissue destruction in the body, causing everything from facial scarring to kidney inflammation. Several organs, including the joints, skin, brain, lungs, kidneys, and blood vessels, may be impacted.

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