Is The Good Nurse Based On A True Story? The Facts About Amy And Charles!

When it comes to new shows chronicling some of the craziest, spookiest, and downright spine-chilling incidents in history, true crime enthusiasts have been having a field day. When The Strong Nurse debuts on October 26 and you’ve already binge-watched Monster: The Jeffery Dahmer Story or The Watcher, there’s a good chance it’ll be on your list of must-see movies.

The gripping new drama from Netflix, starring Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne, is based on a true story that is a patient’s worst nightmare.

Is The Good Nurse Based On A True Story?

The Good Nurse is based on the true account of Amy Loughren, a nurse who believes her coworker Charles Cullen is responsible for many patient deaths at their hospital. After it was determined that Cullen killed approximately 30 patients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania before being apprehended in 2003, it is believed that he is one of America’s most prolific serial killers.

The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness, and Murder by Charles Graeber was the source material for the Tobias Lindholm-helmed movie, which was released in 2013. The Good Nurse will concentrate on Amy’s tale of persuading Charles to confess to his crimes rather than delving deeply into his life like other true-crime television shows and movies.

Is The Good Nurse A True Story
Is The Good Nurse A True Story

The director made it clear in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he didn’t want the audience to be able to sympathize with Cullen, thus “[the film] never offers any knowledge about Charlie that [Amy] doesn’t have.”

Who Is Charles Cullen?

Eddie Redmayne’s character Charles “Charlie” Cullen was born in New Jersey in 1960. He enlisted in the US Navy to serve after losing both of his parents when he was a young boy but was later medically released in 1984.

He subsequently went to nursing school and spent the next 16 years working in various hospitals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania (1988-2003). He was let go from at least six hospitals during this time. Charles is thought to have killed up to 30 individuals throughout his career, however, some people estimate that figure to be much higher.

Charles stated that his actions were mercy killings and that he “felt [he] was helping” in an interview with 60 Minutes. Charles is currently incarcerated for 11 consecutive life terms.

How Was Charles Cullen Caught?

Throughout his career, different nurses and the families of Cullen’s victims suspected foul play in the deaths of his patients, but they were frequently unable to find enough evidence to prove Cullen’s guilt or were constrained by hospitals that feared repercussions for their involvement, according to Slate.

After several patients died, detectives Danny Baldwin and Tim Braun went to Somerset Medical Center in 2003 to look into some unusual lab results, according to People. They conducted interviews with several employees, including Loughren, to whom they presented a list of the pharmaceuticals Cullen had obtained while working in the ICU.

Loughren saw the connection between Cullen’s odd behavior in the past and her observations, and she decided to work with the police to stop him.

Loughren agreed to wear a wire and went to meet Cullen at a restaurant. While a detective waited outside, she attempted to persuade Cullen to admit to his crimes. She addressed Cullen after some small talk and offered to accompany him to the police. Loughren remembers, “He sat straight up.” “His eyes had a hue change. I’m going to go down fighting, he remarked with a sneer on his face.”

Detectives apprehended Cullen and, with Loughren’s assistance, persuaded him to confess to his crimes. Cullen was given 11 consecutive life sentences after being found guilty of 29 murders in 2006. And in 2008, five hospitals reached settlements with the families of 22 victims in wrongful death claims, according to

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, a jury in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh County ordered Cullen to pay $96 million in damages to eight other families in 2010 who claimed their loved ones had perished at Cullen’s hands.

Where Is Charles Cullen Now?

Newsweek reports Charles Cullen is currently detained at Trenton’s New Jersey State Prison, where he will spend the rest of his life serving two consecutive life terms.

Where Is Amy Loughren Now?

Loughren had cardiomyopathy when she started working at Somerset Medical Center. According to Vanity Fair, Loughren had to visit the ER while at work for treatment since the heart problem made it difficult to breathe.

Who Is Amy Loughren?

Jessica Chastain’s character, Amy Loughren, is a single mother of two children who works as a nurse at Somerset Medical Center, where she first met Charles. Before assisting law enforcement in exposing his horrible actions, she thought of him as a close friend.

She first grew suspicious of Charles’ motives when she observed his muddled charts, which frequently maintained track of other nurses’ patients, which was odd behaviour.

According to Vanity Fair, Amy’s 11-year-old daughter was ultimately responsible for convincing her to report her worries about her buddy Charles to the police.


The Good Nurse is based on the true story of nurse Amy Loughren, who suspects Charles Cullen of killing multiple hospital patients. Cullen is suspected of killing approximately 30 people in New Jersey and Pennsylvania before being captured in 2003.

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