Gold Gym Owner Feared Among Weekend Casualties After Plane Crash

According to RSG Group, the weekend jet crash in Costa Rica left its CEO, entrepreneur Rainer Schaller, presumed dead. “We can confirm that Rainer Schaller, his family, and two additional passengers were in the plane when it crashed. We apologize but we are unable to speak further at this time as the incident is still being investigated on-site “The business wrote.

Schaller was on a list of passengers who were on a plane, according to the Associated Press, which was found near Limón, Costa Rica. Schaller started the business that eventually managed international companies including McFit gym and Gold’s Gym.

The name of Schaller’s girlfriend, “Christiane Schikorsky,” was also on the list. It is now obvious that she was probably on board as well. According to Costa Rican authorities, they have so far discovered two bodies—one adult and one child—along with luggage and pieces of the aircraft.

Gold Gym Owner Plane Crash (2)
Gold Gym Owner Plane Crash (2)

The jet that might have been carrying Schaller was initially unavailable on Friday. Security Minister Jorge Torres stated, “Around six in the afternoon, we received a warning regarding a flight going from Mexico to the Limón airport, carrying five German passengers. Limón is located close to the Caribbean on Costa Rica’s eastern coast.

 Torres said that officials believed everyone on the plane was a German citizen and that they were looking for bodies off the country’s coast, but that the search had temporarily been hampered by bad weather.

Who Is Rainer Schaller?

In 1997, German entrepreneur Rainer Schaller opened the first McFit gym in Bavaria. According to the company website, he continued to open sites in Germany, and by 2006, there were over 400,000 members overall. It started to acquire rivals and grow internationally, adding other gym kinds and brands.

Gold Gym Owner Plane Crash (1)
Gold Gym Owner Plane Crash (1)

The parent firm, now known as RSG Group, acquired Gold’s Gym in 2020. According to the corporation, it now has 41,000 employees and 21 brands, some of which are devoted to creative management and design. According to the company’s website, Schaller serves as its founder, CEO, and owner.

“We are devastated by this unfortunate accident and are startled and in awe. We’ve been terribly shaken by the news over the previous few days, and we’re thinking of the family during these trying times “the business stated.

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