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Why Did Elon Musk Carry A Sink Into Twitter On Wednesday As Deal Nears Close?

Why Did Elon Musk Carry A Sink Into Twitter

Why Did Elon Musk Carry A Sink Into Twitter

Elon Musk is notorious for his actions and with only an end-of-week deadline left to close his Twitter deal. The Tesla CEO recently went to Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco and he took the internet by storm when he entered the Twitter HQ with a sink.

Elon had recently made changes to his Twitter profile and mentioned himself as “Chief Twit”. But what caught the attention of the followers was his video post with the sink. 

 Musk had a controversy with his acquisition of Twitter that also landed him in trouble when he backed out. But what was the sink about that we see in the video?

 Elon Musk Carries A Sink in Twitter HQ

On 27th October 2022, the CEO tweeted, “Entering Twitter HQ – let that sink in!”  The reason behind carrying the sink inside the HQ is clear because as we know, Elon had to visit the office in order to get over with his $44 billion bid to acquire Twitter.

The billionaire had made quite an entrance to the headquarters but that didn’t hint anything about if Elon bought the social media company or not.

Why Did Elon Musk Carry A Sink Into Twitter

An insider revealed that Elon’s visit was associated with discussing existing internal matters. Previously, a court ordered Musk to close the dealings and agreements of purchasing Twitter by this Friday. 5 p.m Easter Time. 

As a matter of fact, Reuters claimed that Musk had already sent out information to the investors about his plan to “finalize the buyout by Friday’s deadline”.

According to Bloomberg, Twitter’s Chief Marketing Officer Leslie Berland stated that Musk will be visiting the Twitter HQ for the sole purpose of “meeting with folks, walking the halls, and continuing to dive in on the important work you all do. If you’re in SF and see him around, say hi!”

Elon tried to escape his $44 billion merger agreement after spontaneously agreeing to buy the company earlier this year.  But Twitter wasn’t to let it go so easily and sued Musk when he attempted not to close the deal. The court’s decision was also in favor of the social media giant Twitter and thus, Elon had to be present in San Francisco HQ this week

Moreover, Elon even updated his description on Twitter as “Chief Twit” and the 110 million followers were instantly informed about the latest update. 

So, did Elon Musk finally buy Twitter? 

Elon Musk Buys Twitter

The richest man in the world is now the official owner of Twitter after acquiring it for $44 billion on 28th October 2022. The top executives of the microblogging platform were fired including Parag Agarwal. 

Besides, Ned Segal who is the chief financial officer for Twitter, and Vijaya Gadded, a high-profile legal and policy executive are no longer working at Twitter since they have been fired as well. Biz Stone who co-founded Twitter thanked the executives for their contribution towards building Twitter into a successful platform.

After months of legal battle, Elon had no other choice but to acquire the firm that he had promised to do. He is looking forward to reversing the bans imposed on certain suspended users including former US President Donald Trump. 

Musk tweeted this week where he stated how he envisions Twitter to be. He said, “Twitter obviously cannot become a free-for-all hell-scape, where anything can be said with no consequences!” 

He is looking forward to content moderation and even claimed to cut up to 75% of Twitter’s workforce because he is very much interested in bringing unthinkable changes to the platform. The main motive is to promote self-styled “free speech absolutists” that will become active after the policies will be moderated.

After the acquisition was completed, the billionaire tweeted, “the bird is freed” and then continued with “let the good times roll”.

However, not all are happy with Musk taking over Twitter. Users are claiming and motivating fellow social media users to quit Twitter and go for other alternatives.

The ragging tweets are all over the internet. One user tweeted, “People, we gotta start shipping Jerma and Dream. I am going to need media literacy to plummet through the fucking floor right now, let’s get discourse the likes of which god nor man has ever seen. send your senator a goatse. get hank green off the site for old time’s sake”.

Another wrote, “Y’all do realize that “Making Twitter more friendly to advertisers” could very well mean “Twitter is going to ban NSFW and anything rich right-wingers don’t like”, right? That was the excuse Verizon made when they made Tumblr purge NSFW content.”

Thus, be ready to see new changes on the platform that was once known for voicing righteous opinions. With Elon Musk controlling Twitter, you can expect to witness new movements in the platform that happened before!

Final Lines

CNN sources said the deal was concluded Thursday evening, before a court-ordered deadline to buy the business, and hours after Musk hinted at the acquisition on social media. Musk tweeted “the bird is liberated” and called himself “Chief Twit.”

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