Why Is Michael Myers Obsessed With Laurie? What Made Her A Killer?

Why is Michael Myers obsessed with Laurie? On the other hand, Michael’s fixation with Laurie is never explained. He is merely depicted as a wicked creature with a desire to kill. In the movie, Michael goes back to Haddonfield to carry on his murderous rampage, but he doesn’t start looking for Laurie again until he finds her alive.

The classic story of Laurie Strode vs. Michael Myers has been terrorizing audiences on the big screen for decades. Halloween Ends, the third and last book in David Gordon Green’s series, features a titanic struggle between the two characters.

John Carpenter wrote the script and directed the first Halloween movie, which was released in 1978 and went on to dominate the slasher subgenre. Rarely had audiences seen a teenage girl with as much grit as Laurie or a masked murderer as chilling and unfeeling as Michael Myers.

A few years pass after Green’s 2021 follow-up, Halloween Kills, in Halloween Ends. In a more calm town, Laurie is taking care of her granddaughter while also getting over her trauma. Michael, who has been surviving on scraps and tiny kills while living in the sewer pipes,

 Is Michael Myers Real?

A made-up character from the Halloween series of slasher movies is Michael Myers. He makes his film debut in 1978’s Halloween, playing a small child who kills his older sister, Judith Myers. He goes back to Haddonfield to do additional teen murders fifteen years later.

Why Did Michael Myers Become A Killer?

According to a Halloween belief, Michael Myers kills without having a particular victim in mind because his motive is to instill dread. When Michael got back to Haddonfield and ran across Laurie, who wasn’t afraid to approach the Myers house despite Tommy Doyle’s warnings, he knew this.

Why Is Michael Myers Obsessed With Laurie
Why Is Michael Myers Obsessed With Laurie

 What Is Wrong With Michael Myers?

His illnesses. Michael suffers from catatonia, a mental illness. Every time Michael Myers sits or stands, he occasionally experiences movement impairment. This makes sense since it clarifies why Michael chooses to walk rather than run after his victims.

Is Laurie Strode Dead?

In Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988), Laurie is shown to have passed away in a car accident before the events of the movie, and her young daughter Jamie Lloyd fills Laurie’s place as the protagonist (Danielle Harris).

Is Laurie Strode Related To Micheal Myers?

No, is the straightforward response to this query.

The more involved response necessitates a thorough examination of the entire Halloween series. The slasher franchise has undergone multiple adaptations since 1978. The entire franchise comprises thirteen movies, as well as comics and books that can be read in addition to seeing the movies.

Halloween II, which was released in 1981, is the first entry in Carpenter’s original series to disclose Laurie’s connection to Myers. The horrific truth about Laurie’s adoption is revealed by Dr. Loomis, a psychiatrist who worked with Michael.

When David Gordon Green’s Halloween was released in 2018, it served as a straight sequel to John Carpenter’s first film, disregarding all other sequels. Although Green’s sequel Halloween Kills briefly mentions that Laurie’s relationship with Myers is just a rumor, no additional information is given. In a scene with her friends, Allison, Laurie’s granddaughter, denies any relationship.

Why Is Michael So Obsessed With Laurie?

Halloween Kills makes it clear that Laurie’s relationship with Michael Myers is only a rumor, which raises the question of why Michael Myers is so determined to kill our favorite last girl.

On the first Halloween, a young Michael Myers murders his elder sister and is committed for fifteen years in a mental institution. The movie then begins as Michael, who has become obsessed with Laurie, returns to his childhood home. Michael makes it his mission to assassinate Laurie at whatever cost, possibly as a remembrance of his sister.

Director David Gordon Green offers a deeper justification for Michael’s addiction in a conversation with GamesRadar. He asserts that Michael and Laurie stand for both the good and the bad in their neighborhood. As Laurie emerges as the only genuine savior in the wake of Michael’s mania, this may help to explain why the two are so inextricably linked.

Final Words

In the original Halloween, a young Michael Myers kills his older sister and is sent to a mental hospital for 15 years. The movie then begins when Michael goes back to his family’s house and finds his new love interest, Laurie, living there.

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