Karl-Anthony Towns: “Anthony Edwards’ Diet Doesn’t Make Me Happy”

On Wednesday night, Popeyes joined the conversation by tweeting, “Good luck to every high level athlete who eats Popeyes regardless of what their teammates say 🏀.”

Quickly, people replied to the subtweet:

Karl-Anthony Towns, a star for the Minnesota Timberwolves, criticized teammate Anthony Edwards’ diet after they lost to the San Antonio Spurs on Monday night. He said he could do a “better job” helping the young guard take care of his body.

When asked about Edwards’ bad game against the Spurs and if he could be better prepared to play back-to-back games, Towns said that Edwards likes to joke about his diet, which apparently includes a lot of stops at Popeyes.

Do check:

“Maybe I could do a better job of teaching him how to take care of his body, diet and everything,” Towns shared. That’ll be on me. I know you all think it’s funny up here when he talks about Popeye’s and all that shit. That doesn’t make me happy to hear. We’re high-level athletes,” Towns said. “But also, that falls on me too, you know. The old cliche, falls on you. Everyone wants to take the blame, but it’s on all of us.”

It is well known that Edwards loves Popeyes. Back in January 2022, a reporter from Minnesota named Dane Moore asked Ant if he could give up Popeyes.

“That’s hard,” Edwards admitted. ” That’s the hardest thing to do.”

Moore, on the other hand, says that Edwards came into this season having lost nine pounds and bringing his body fat down to almost 7%.

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