Pigeons In The UK Are Turning Into Zombies Due To An Unknown Bird Disease

A horrible disease that is spreading through Britain is turning pigeons into zombie birds with horrible symptoms. On the island of Jersey, sick pigeons had to be put to death in a humane way.

The virus normally kills sick birds within a few days, but this window of time allows it to continue spreading among birds.

Pigeon paramyxovirus, commonly known as PPMV or Newcastle’s disease, causes pigeons to become unwell and cause a variety of neurological symptoms, including a violently twisted neck and trembling wings.

Along with walking in circles and significantly losing weight, they also have green excrement and are reluctant to move.

Although the disease cannot infect people, handling sick birds might result in conjunctivitis, so caution is suggested. People have begun to refer to sick birds as “zombie pigeons” due to the illness and its terrifying characteristics. What you need to know about the illness is provided below.

Are There Zombie Pigeons In The UK?

It has so far had an impact on Jersey’s population, necessitating the euthanasia of several birds. Since there haven’t been any instances reported on the mainland, authorities in Jersey are putting down birds to stop the sickness from spreading further.

Zombie pigeons
Zombie pigeons

What Steps Are Being Taken To Combat Zombie Pigeons?

The government has issued advice to anyone who handles or owns pigeons, advising: “Practicing strict biosecurity on your facilities and vaccinating your pigeons against the disease – talk to your vet for guidance if you operate pigeon displays or races.”

According to the Mirror, the virus has no known cure, and “many birds die within a few days.” The JSPCA Animal Shelter on the island of Jersey in the Channel Islands has been leading efforts to limit the epidemic.

A spokeswoman continued, “Any that do survive will continue to shed the virus and constitute a risk to other birds.” Affected birds are compassionately put to death at the JSPCA.

Birds are highly susceptible to the sickness, which spreads by excrement and other bodily fluids. This time of year is particularly common since the virus may persist longer in the wetter, colder weather.

‘Zombie’ Birds Found With Twisted Necks After Catching Horrific Disease

Pigeons in Britain are being affected by a frightening disease that is turning them into zombie birds with terrible symptoms. The diseased pigeons had to be gently put to death on the island of Jersey.

Numerous neurological symptoms are brought on by the illness, also known as Newcastle’s sickness or pigeon paramyxovirus (PPMV). which include shaking wings and a severely twisted neck.

In addition, the birds start to lose weight, develop green faces, and circle. They are also sluggish to move and incapable of flying. A Jersey-based animal sanctuary explained that the sickness “invariably” kills the affected animals.

‘There has been an upsurge in the number of grounded pigeons coming into the JSPCA Animals’ Shelter in the previous two weeks, many of which have been showing neurological indicators including twisted neck, circling, or are unable to stand,’ a representative for the shelter said.

These are all symptoms of pigeon paramyxovirus, a virus that can infect pigeons, doves, and poultry and is always lethal. It is a Notifiable Disease in Captive Birds, but not in Wild Birds, meaning Suspected Cases Must Be reported.

The spokesman added that “many birds die within a few days” and that “there is no therapy for the condition.”

“Any that do survive will keep shedding the virus and pose a threat to other birds.” Affected birds are compassionately put to death at the JSPCA, they added.

“The illness is very contagious and spreads through excretions and other secretions.”

Clusters of instances are more frequent at this time of year because the virus can endure the colder, wetter months for a longer period.


A common pigeon sickness is terrifying the UK because of a weird zombie-like side effect. The Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals issued a warning, along with a series of photos of the pigeons with distorted necks.

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