Murder Of Teenage Girls In Delphi: Suspect Arrested!

It’s time to get down to business in DELPHI, Indiana. Richard Allen, a resident of Delphi, Indiana, was taken into custody on Monday for the 2017 slayings of Abby Williams, 13, and Libby German, 14. Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter announced at a press conference.

Close companions Death came midday on February 13, 2017 for Libby and Abby as they hiked a route in rural Delphi. The murders shocked the nation and caused panic in the small town of Indiana. For the first time, a person of interest has been identified in connection with the unsolved double murder. The motive for the girls’ murders remains unknown.

There is still a tip line and email for police: or call (765) 822-353. Becky Patty, Libby German’s grandmother and legal guardian, was shocked to find that the guy arrested in connection with her granddaughter’s and her friend Abby Williams’ deaths lived in Delphi.

Delphi Murders
Delphi Murders

She told ABC News, “It’s a tiny community,” hours after Richard Allen’s arrest was made public. “It’s tough for it to be one of us,” they said. “How can they act like it didn’t happen?” Mike Patty, Libby’s granddad, chimed in with an expansion.

Kelsi German, Libby’s sister, has said that she has always had the suspicion that the girls’ killer was someone familiar with the Delphi area, but she has always been afraid that the perpetrator “was right here among us.” Mike Patty claimed the police detectives who investigated his granddaughter’s disappearance were thorough and “sacrificed their own family time.”

He remarked, “They never let up.” He continued, “There’s a lot of questions we have that are unanswered, but all in due time that will come.” The arrest has presented “new hurdles and emotions that we have to learn how to deal with,” Libby’s sister said.

According to German, she went to her sister’s grave on Sunday to inform her of the situation. The Indiana State Police Superintendent, Doug Carter, informed ABC News that over 70,000 tips had been made since the murders in 2017.

Carter added that the issue received national attention because Delphi, a “beautiful community,” is representative of many other American cities. The arrest was something they “committed a long time ago,” he claimed. He continued, “Evil never wins.”

Carter expressed his regret that he was unable to ease the pain of the girls’ loved ones, saying, “I wish I could take their hurt away, but I can’t.” Carter refused to discuss suspect Richard Allen or the circumstances that brought law enforcement to him.

Delphi Murders
Delphi Murders

The initial hearing for the man charged with the girls’ murders, Richard Allen, has concluded, and the prosecutor for Carroll County, Nicholas McLeland, has announced that Allen has pleaded not guilty. According to reports, Allen was arrested on October 26 and is currently being held at the White County Jail.

According to McLeland, he is being held without bond and will be back in court in January. As McLeland put it, “under the court order, we cannot talk about the evidence that is in the probable cause” affidavit. Neither when Allen became a suspect nor whether or not he knew Abby or Libby was revealed by the prosecutor.

McLeland expressed “alarm” over Allen’s status as a local Delphi resident. The arrest, he said, was a “positive development.”  “Peace came over me,” Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter said after the arrest, “and I didn’t expect that to happen.”

He wrote to the relatives, “hoping that some serenity has been found in this difficult world.” Carter asked for “continued tips” from the public as the probe was ongoing.

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