American Gigolo Season 2: When It’s Gonna Release?

Male escort Julian Kaye (Jon Bernthal) spent the first season of American Gigolo on Showtime adjusting to life in present-day Los Angeles after serving 15 years in prison on a false murder conviction.

Everything from reconciling his past and present roles in the sex work business to negotiating his delicate connections with his problematic mother and his ex-lover Michelle (Gretchen Mol). On top of trying to find out who set him up and what the greater plot was all about, Julian also had to solve a murder.

Even though Showtime has not yet decided whether to cancel or renew American Gigolo for Season 2, Mol has made her case. We don’t often come across pieces of escapism like this one. She lamented to InsideHook in September, “We don’t get a lot of shows like this anymore.”

“The show has a heaviness to it, but it also has really real sequences about love, grief, and abuse, which is why I really enjoy it. Still, it’s a great vehicle for having a good time while looking good. I pray there’s harmony there and that it’s appreciated.

American Gigolo Season 2

However, the series production process was plagued by off-screen conflict, which resulted in several delays throughout filming and ultimately hurt the final product. In addition, the initial order for 10 episodes in Season 1 was reduced to 8 episodes. The future of American Gigolo seems doubtful, especially in light of multiple negative evaluations.

However, a continuation is certainly not out of the question. Meanwhile, here’s all you need to know about the potential plot of the second season of American Gigolo, as well as the production drama that may not auger well for the show.

The American Gigolo Season 2 Cast

In addition to Bernthal and Mol, the first season also featured Rosie O’Donnell (Detective Sunday), Lizzie Brocheré (Isabelle), Gabriel LaBelle (Johnny, aka a younger version of Julian), Leland Orser (Richard), Wayne Brady (Lorenzo), Alex Fernandez (Panish), Sandrine Holt (Olga), Yolonda Ross (Lizzy), and Laura Liguori (Liz) (Elizabeth).

Bernthal expressed astonishment to GQ in April at being cast in the starring role made famous by Richard Gere in the 1980 film. “I don’t think I have any natural sex appeal,” he stated. As I see it, I’m just a weird-looking guy.

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Jonathan Littman, the show’s executive producer, told TheWrap that landing Bernthal as Julian was crucial. According to Littman, “Jon has so many levels of depth.” A brilliant performer, in my opinion. He can deliver the swagger when it’s called for and the true pain that has always highlighted the story in our heads.

As for casting the rest of the ensemble, he said it was “simple,” praising former showrunner David Hollander’s “brilliant” choice to cast O’Donnell as Detective Sunday, a position originally played by Hector Elizondo.

American Gigolo Season 2 Release Date

Even if American Gigolo is renewed for a second season, it may be some time before it airs on Showtime. The first season’s shoot kicked off in July 2021 and wrapped up in August 2022, with a release date set for September 2022.

There were, of course, setbacks related to hiring new staff, as well as those experienced with debuting a brand new show. The earliest a sequel could come is late 2023, however, that is entirely contingent on when production on Season 2 is given the go-ahead.

When did Season 1 of American Gigolo end, and why did it end so soon?

Regarding Hollander, the show’s first showrunner was summarily let off in April after a probe into allegations of misbehavior. After watching his work on Ray Donovan, O’Donnell told Vanity Fair that she was “really delighted to work with him” and that it was a “great thing for me in my career to work with someone who was such a genius.” The rest of the cast shared her sentiments.

Then, bizarrely, he was fired. O’Donnell told the magazine that several of the guests joined the show “only to work with him.” This then occurred, seemingly out of nowhere. Someone just told us one day that David had been fired, and we were never given a good reason. We recently had a new team come in, took a short break as they got organized, and then returned to finish the job.

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She also noted that without Hollander, “nobody really knew what was happening,” as the introduction of a new creative team midway through the series represented a “very huge shift in direction and intensity.”

Nikki Toscano was hired as the new showrunner and executive producer, and three weeks later, co-executive producer David Bar Katz also left the project. The news of this, together with the rumored unavailability of another actor, led to another two-week production halt, and the team ultimately chose to terminate the season with Episode 8.

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