WWE Star Carmelo Hayes Is Back, Bron Breaker’s NXT Title Challenger Revealed

On tonight’s episode of NXT, WWE NXT Champion Bron Breakker opened up, but he was quickly interrupted by the NXT Tag Team Champions, Pretty Deadly. Wes Lee, the current NXT North American Champion, entered the ring after they took issue with his promo and open challenge. After a lengthy introduction, they announced that they will be challenging Pretty Deadly for the Titles tonight.

The main event has arrived. There was a moment when it appeared that Breakker and Lee would win the contest and take home the Titles, but then Carmelo Hayes made his NXT comeback and cost Lee the match. Then, both Breaker and Apollo Crews would face fresh competitors; here’s how things went down.

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Lee and Kit Wilson started the match by trading grips before Lee nearly won a fall but Wilson kicked out. Afterward, Lee escaped Wilson’s next attempt, and Wilson ran to the corner to tag in Elton Prince, but he was caught on his charge and flipped over into a hold by Lee. Lee maintained his assault on Prince’s shoulder until Breaker arrived to finish him down.

Bron Breaker NXT Title Challenger Revealed

After Prince had teased Breakker into putting the Champion on his heels, Breakker catapulted Prince into the air, and the Champion was steamrolled by Breakker’s devastating clothesline. Lee was launched into the air by Pretty Deadly, but Breakker halted his ascent, and Prince and Wilson were afterward sent reeling and sailing over the ropes and to the ground below.

When we got back from the commercial, Lee was driving Prince into town, and after a counter from Prince, he would kick out of a cover. However, Prince had snuck in a Tag without Lee noticing, and Wilson took advantage.

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Wilson pounced on Lee outside the ring, rained down uppercuts on him inside, and finally knocked him out with a vicious back elbow. After Wilson punched Lee, he applied the Neckbreaker and went for the cover, but Lee managed to kick out.

When Wilson countered with strikes, the two boxers went back and forth for a minute before Prince tagged in and stomped on Lee to keep him on the canvas and away from Breakker.

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Lee was lifted up and slammed to the ground by Prince, but he managed to avoid the next two attacks from Prince. When he reached Breakker, he slammed into Wilson and then went up top to hit Prince with a Bulldog after avoiding kicks from Wilson and Prince.

Assembling them, Breaker executed a devastating double suplex. Wilson was then struck with a Superkick from Lee, who he had hurled into both Pretty Deadly members. From the top rope, Breaker sent Prince tumbling to the floor.

Carmelo Hayes would push Lee off the top turnbuckle, giving Pretty Deadly the opportunity for the pin and the victory. Apollo Crews was confronted by JD McDonagh backstage, and Von Wagner would jump in to take down Breakker whenever he returned to the ring. The feuds between Hayes and Lee, Breakker and Wagner, and Crews and McDonagh all seem inevitable at this point.

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