Who Is Meghann Fahy of “The White Lotus” Dating?

HBO’s The White Lotus has given us just the right amount of comedy and drama so far in its second season. The social satire looks at the lives of guests and workers at a fancy resort called the White Lotus.

Fans are naturally interested in Season 2’s cast, including Daphne, who is played by The Bold Type alum Meghann Fahy. Who does the actress date? This is what we know about her relationships.

Who does Meghann Fahy have a relationship with?

It’s not clear if Meghann is dating anyone right now, but her last known relationship was with actor Billy Magnussen, who you may know from movies like Ingrid Goes West, Game Night, the Aladdin remake, and No Time to Die, as well as TV shows like Made for Love and Get Shorty.

According to DuJour, the two met on the set of their 2011 Hallmark movie The Lost Valentine. Many news sources, though, say that they didn’t start dating until 2017.

The last picture of Billy and Meghann which looks like it was taken in May 2020 is on his Instagram. The two no longer follow each other on social media, which suggests that they may have broken up in the last few years.

Who does Meghann Fahy have a relationship with
Who does Meghann Fahy have a relationship with

Us Weekly says that the last time they were seen together on a red carpet was in January 2020. Meghann, on the other hand, doesn’t have very many pictures on Instagram, and none of them are of Billy.

If you watched Meghann’s previous hit show, The Bold Type in 2018, Billy may have appeared as a guest star.

What about Meghann Fahy’s on-screen relationship in “The White Lotus”?

Meghann plays Daphne Sullivan in The White Lotus. She is married to Cameron Sullivan (Theo James). From the outside, it looks like Daphne and Cameron, who are always talking about how much they love each other, are very close. Everyone around them thinks they are madly in love, but it turns out that things aren’t always rainbows and butterflies for the couple.

If you’ve been watching Season 2 of The White Lotus, you may have already noticed that Daphne and Cameron are having more and more problems. Fans will have to see what happens next.

Meghann Fahy is busy beyond ‘The White Lotus.’

Meghann has 670K people who follow her on Instagram and see what she posts. A lot of what she writes is about the TV shows and movies she’s in, and many of her most recent posts are about The White Lotus.

Meghann also posts pictures that show how much she cares about her family. On Mother’s Day in 2022, she posted two very sweet pictures and thanked her mom and grandma. Her Instagram feed shows that she doesn’t shy away from the camera when there’s a good photo opportunity.

There are many photos of the beautiful actress posing in lovely clothes. As her pictures show, Meghann also seems like the kind of person who likes to explore the great outdoors. Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on HBO, you can watch Meghann in The White Lotus.

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