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Survivor Season 43: Who Will Be Eliminate In This Season?

Survivor Season 43

Survivor Season 43

Jeff Probst has been the host of Survivor on CBS for the past 22 years, spanning 42 seasons. His name is now commonly used as shorthand for the entire series. That he should return to host Survivor season 43 is fitting.

Now that the battle has begun, there will undoubtedly be a slew of exciting new challenges, alliances, and manipulative strategies as the players race to be named the champion and take home the $1 million grand prize.

The 20 individual islands that make up Fiji’s Mamanuca group have been packed up and sent to host this season’s contestants. Since season 33, production has taken place here. Probst stated (opens in new tab) Entertainment Weekly, “I hope we remain here forever,” because it has everything they need, including magnificent ocean, beaches, jungle, and wildlife.

When Is The Next Survivor Season 43 Episode?

This season’s 43rd episode of Survivor will air on CBS at 8 pm ET/PT on Wednesday, November 2. CBS schedules Survivor and two other reality competition shows for Wednesday nights: the 34th season of The Amazing Race and the premiere of The Real Love Boat.

Survivor Season 43

Survivor Season 43 Eliminations

Here is who has been eliminated in Survivor season 43 so far:

Who is in The Survivor 43 Cast?

The field was initially comprised of 18 castaways (here is where you can meet the cast of Survivor season 43), however it has since been narrowed down to the following individuals, all of whom have competed in this season. Someone who has a “X” next to their name has been disqualified.

Merged Tribe
Cody Assenmacher
Cassidy Clark
Mike “Gabler” Gabler
Karla Cruz Godoy
James Jones
Owen Knight
Noelle Lambert
Sami Layadi
Jesse Lopez
Ryan Medrano
Dwight Moore
Jeanine Zheng

Morriah Young (X)
Justine Brennan (X)
Nneka Ejere (X)
Lindsay Carmine (X)
Geo Bustamante (X)
Elisabeth “Elie” Scott (X)

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