Top 10 Horror Films That Made People Leave Theaters

How is it that a low-budget slasher film about a masked killer clown can become a box-office smash? Limited distribution of Terrifier 2 was planned, but since Art the Clown’s debut, he has dominated theaters to the exclusion of more critically acclaimed films like Halloween Ends and Smile.

The mute clown is making his mark in the most violent way he knows how. The Los Angeles Times reports that audiences are reacting to the picture with screams, tears, and even vomiting due to its extreme violence. Many people can’t make it to the conclusion because of how severe it is.

It’s unusual for a horror film to be deemed too disturbing to play in its entirety. It has been claimed that terrified moviegoers fled screenings of The Exorcist in droves. People reportedly had seizures, prompting calls to emergency services.

Any horror fan will tell you that the movies on this list are some of the most terrifying to ever-visit theaters. These films have scared, tensely paced, or disgusted their audiences into leaving the room. This season, everyone wants to see how far they can go, and these films will do just that—test your fear threshold and gag reaction to the limit. Audiences were so scared that they fled from these top 10 horror flicks.

The Exorcist

The film that was sending audiences to the emergency room in droves takes first place. An actress’s daughter is possessed by a demonic force, and the plot of The Exorcist centers on the actress’s efforts to free her daughter from the possession. For weeks, the devil repeatedly grotesquely twists and violates the young Regan’s body.

But at what cost will Father Damian Karras be able to save the young girl’s soul? People are still scared by this movie even 50 years after it was released. As depictions of violence against children were and are frowned upon in the horror genre, the film drew on audiences’ emotions toward the young girl at the film’s center to evoke a genuine reaction of terror.

To add to the chills, it made extensive use of people’s religious convictions. People were not just running out of the theatre, but really having convulsions because of how intense the picture was. Paramedics had to be on call because of how frequently this was happening.

The Exorcist was a landmark in the history of horror films, and while its continued relevance to the genre is debatable, its influence cannot be denied. There would have been a lot fewer great movies if this one hadn’t been made, and all it cost was some irate moviegoers and some medical bills.

The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

Top 10 Horror Films

Rarely does a remake improve upon its source material, but many would argue that this one does. 2006’s The Hills Have Eyes stayed true to the 1977 source material, but with 10 times the violence. Following their unfortunate encounter with a family of mutated cannibals, viewers watch as the family becomes stuck in the desert.

On the same night, they are violently attacked, but they get away. But they’ll have to put up a fight if they want to get back home alive. Even while the graphic violence and mutant deformities were disturbing, the sexual assaults of women, including one in which a baby was held at gunpoint, were the final straw for many viewers.

Don’t be shocked if you feel the urge for a shower after watching the video because it was intentionally meant to make viewers feel uncomfortable and alienated. The film’s more shocking moments may have angered some spectators, but they were meant to induce fear.


Top 10 Horror Films

Taking the third slot is one of the most brutal films of all time. In it, two ladies seek vengeance on the guys who kidnapped and tormented them years before. But by doing so, they risk returning to the control of the people who destroyed their lives.

Some of the most gruesome and brutal acts of violence ever captured on film can be seen in Pascal Laugier’s Martyrs. In one scene, a character is literally flayed alive to make her ascend to a higher dimension. Yet another witness to a woman’s accidental scalp removal. This film was remade in 2016 in the United States and is arguably just as merciless as the original.


Top 10 Horror Films

Grindhouse is a double feature that features everything the gore, violence, and gunplay that any horror lover could want from the brilliant minds of Quinton Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. In the first film of this two-movie set, a dancer and her ex-boyfriend guide a band of survivors as they flee from a fatal infection that turns the villagers into mindless psychopaths.

In the second, the female protagonists must confront a psychotic stuntman who is following them in a fleet of modified vehicles designed for murder. Both films were exactly the kind of blood-soaked thrill rush their fans should have been expecting from their directors, but they were misled into thinking otherwise.

Audiences left the theaters after the first film not because of graphic violence or shocking images, but because they were confused about what to do next. When the filmmakers realized their error, they tried to fix it by selling their films independently, but the harm was already done. Grindhouse was a huge flop at the box office because audiences couldn’t follow the plot.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Top 10 Horror Films

It is possible that the 1974 film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre by Tobe Hooper popularized the slasher subgenre. The film follows Sally Hardesty and her traveling companions as they try to make it across Texas on a single tank of gas. They run out of gas and end up at the home of the Sawyers, a cannibal family who kills tourists to eat them.

Leatherface, the family’s butcher armed with a chainsaw, does all the bloody job and quickly disposes of Sally’s acquaintances. Because of the graphic nature of the violence depicted in the film, it was prohibited in a number of nations. It’s easy to see why the MPAA gave it an X rating at the outset.

Those murder sequences were quite innovative. After witnessing Leatherface murder one of her companions with his trusty chainsaw, one of the protagonists gets impaled on a meat hook and later slain by the brutal killer.

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Top 10 Horror Films

When widower Shigeharu chooses to go back into the dating scene, he arranges auditions for a new girlfriend rather than going out to meet people. The end result is that he meets Asami, a melancholy girl who understands his suffering on some level.

At first, the two got along great, but that was only because Shigeharu completely missed the red flags in her application materials. It’s a mistake that he quickly pays for as he learns the hard way what happened to everyone else in her life. Takashi Miike, whose film “Audition” is considered a classic of the J-Horror subgenre, won the top prize at the Rotterdam Film Festival for his work in the genre.

Many in attendance for the movie screenings didn’t take as well to it, with one woman, in particular, telling the filmmaker, “You’re evil!” Although the mystery of the Audition unfolds slowly, the film’s ending is shocking enough to make even the most stoic viewer gasp. It may be worth a go, though, because it influenced such directors as Eli Roth, John Landis, and Rob Zombie.


Top 10 Horror Films

Raw, Ducournau’s critically acclaimed first feature, has earned the director another entry on the list. In this sickening film, a vegetarian student is tricked into eating raw flesh as part of a hazing rite. As a result, the young woman develops a cannibalistic appetite for blood and flesh.

But she quickly learns that others like her exist as well. The director’s debut picture was praised for its unique visual style and terrifying special effects. To have gotten as much attention as the movie has since its premiere, they must be fairly good. Ducournau’s distinctive style and storytelling may be rewarding if you can make it through this film, but she certainly didn’t make it simple.

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The House That Jack Built

Top 10 Horror Films

Given Lars Von Trier’s reputation for making films that are difficult to sit through over the course of his career, it’s not surprising that The House That Jack Built is a film that should only be attempted by people with exceptionally sturdy stomachs.

In this movie, Matt Dillon plays a serial murderer with a particularly nasty streak; he specifically targets women for murder and isn’t afraid to become explicit or extreme. Anyone who saw Dahmer on Netflix and thought it was horrible should see this.

It’s been reported that more than a hundred people left the screening of the film midway through the festival at Cannes to express their distaste for it. From then, news traveled swiftly, putting this movie’s name on the lips of many horror lovers.

Despite the fact that most people had only seen the theatrical cut, IFC Films got in trouble for releasing the unrated cut shortly before the film’s broad distribution, which only served to increase Jack’s already considerable renown. How does the phrase go: Controversy makes cash?

The Devil’s Rejects

Top 10 Horror Films

Like his first film, House of 1000 Corpses, Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects was a gory, disturbing experience for its audience. The Fireflies were back for more murder and mayhem, and the sheriff was determined to put a stop to them any way he could.

In spite of using the same premise as the original, Zombie opted to shake things up with The Devil’s Rejects. He avoided gory shock value in favor of more disturbing scenarios, such as a wife being made to wear her husband’s severed face.

While this new direction was welcomed by critics, many spectators were so offended by the family’s constant degradation that they left the theater before the credits rolled. This is perhaps Zombie’s best work, and he is an expert when it comes to gory violence.


Top 10 Horror Films

Raw, Julia Ducournau’s latest film, is a flashy, weird tale that explores the body horror subgenre in brutal detail. Titane follows Alexia, an underground auto show dancer who received a metal plate on her head as a child after being in a vehicle accident. The adult she is now pretending to be a boy so she can run away from her terrible past.

A fire chief who hasn’t seen his son in ten years reunites with him when the city is terrorized by a string of brutal killings. Titan’s marketing centered on these aspects of the plot, but audiences weren’t prepared to witness a lady having sex with a car, much less the disturbing self-abortion scene that followed.

It makes sense that some people couldn’t make it to the end of this movie. The squelching and thumping sounds and Alexia’s distressed expression are upsetting even if the abortion was done out of camera range. In addition to these terrifying scenes, the film also features a lot of blood and horrific images. If you’re feeling brave, you can still watch the film on Hulu.

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