A Fake News ‘Trump Is Dead’ Is Trending On Twitter After A Verified User Tested Elon Musk’s Moderating

Following worries that Elon Musk would permit widespread misinformation, deliberate false claims of the death of former President Donald Trump have surfaced on Twitter. After several Twitter users reported that the former president had passed away on Tuesday, the hashtag #Trump Is Dead began to gain popularity.

Musk, who last week completed the acquisition of Twitter, has pushed for increased “free expression” on the social media site and has called for the reinstatement of accounts that were previously suspended for disinformation campaigns.

The internet billionaire’s strategy has drawn criticism for the possibility that it may turn Twitter into a sanctuary for right-wing conspiracy theorists and trolls.

Shortly after Musk revealed that users would soon be able to purchase verified “blue check” status on Twitter for $8 per month, false reports of Trump’s demise began to circulate. Musk was criticized further for allegedly encouraging the propagation of false information by making the policy change.

Trump Is Dead
Trump Is Dead

The joke about Donald Trump’s “death” may have started with tweets from comedian Tim Heidecker in response to information that the former president was disseminating a fake conspiracy theory about the assault on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul Pelosi.

“Trump, I’m sad to say sounds like he’s dying here,” Heidecker tweeted. “I think in fact that maybe he is and could have a very grave disease of which he is dying from. we don’t know but it’s not good.”

“I just heard from a friend that he died,” user @drivebee replied alongside a “slightly frowning face” emoji.

Heidecker tweeted at @drivebee, “Look folks there are 1 of 2 things that may be happening.” “Trump is either already dead and being covered up, or he is already rapidly deteriorating. Which do you hold as true?”

A little while later, the account @mylifeisabiglie tweeted, “It’s official, Trump has died,” along with an image that had been altered to make it look like CNN was saying Trump had “died of autoerotic asphyxiation in his Florida residence” on Tuesday.

Later, Heidecker tweeted, “Many are using #TrumpIsDead to spread the word.” “The news has saddened many.”

Heidecker continued by saying that he had “heard” that Trump had “died in a sick way” and that his passing was “really horrible.”

“This is what we do know: 1. Trump is no more (died badly) 2. @elonmusk has allegedly buried this news—or has he? 3. Donald Trump Junior has since become just Donald Trump “He said in a subsequent tweet. Please “like” and “share” this.

Others quickly joined in to spread the false tales of deaths, frequently invoking Musk or the new Twitter rules.

Tweeted @SpudMarch, “Heard #TrumpIsDead through a paid-for Blue Check-mark (clearly a reliable source) after losing a long battle with a venereal disease acquired from a prostitute.

“Wild that #TrumpIsDead,” tweeted writer and animator Jon Bershad. “Almost seems unreal. But it is real. Good thing Elon Musk eliminated the content moderation department or it would be hard for me to share the very true news that Donald Trump has died with as many people as possible!”

Documentary filmmaker Jeremy Newberger tweeted, “My sources are informing me, in their humble judgment, that the MyPillow Guy has developed a Trump stand-in made from polyurethane foam and Sunkist drink.” “#TrumpIsDead”


If only Twitter had some sort of disinformation policy, but since Elon did it only the other day, I guess anything is fair game, tweeted @NYC NH1. “Still, it’s tragic that Trump passed away like such a dog. SAD! #TrumpIsDead”

While many Trump supporters voiced concern over the fabricated death tweets going viral, some Twitter users seemed to take them literally.

The Democrats are wishing for the death of the 45th President. Your true colors always show. Heidecker received a tweet in response from @Kathy05057204.

Heidecker responded, “I’m not wishing anything. Just sharing what I think is true (or not), if anything.

Final Lines

On Tuesday, comedian Tim Heidecker, who is known for his standup and TV work with fellow comedian Eric Wareheim, began using the hashtag #TrumpIsDead on Twitter. Since Thursday, Musk has owned the hashtag.
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