Blue Lock Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date, Where to Watch?

Aoashi, Birdie Wing: Golf Girls, Backflip, and Haikyu are just a few of the latest examples of the genre’s comeback in popularity. With the release of Blue Lock, however, we may have a new candidate for the best sports anime of all time.

The premise of this football (soccer) series sounds suspiciously like a mashup of Deadman Wonderland and Aoashi, and it has generated a lot of buzz throughout the world. Learn more about Blue Lock right here: what happens, how many episodes there will be, and most importantly when they will be available to watch throughout the world.

Blue Lock Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date


Studio Eight Bit is adapting Muneyuki Kaneshiro’s original manga work Blue Lock into an upcoming sports thriller anime series titled Blue Lock (TenSura, Encouragement of Climb and The Irregular at Magic High School S2).

The story follows the Japanese national football squad as they try to recover from their disgraceful 16th-place result at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The Japanese Football Union has to do something radical, so they bring in the mysterious and maybe psychotic Ego Jinpachi to find a new superstar striker.

His proposal is called Blue Lock, and it involves putting 300 promising young football players in a prison-like institution and having them compete to see who can score the most goals. Those who pass the test will be selected as the national team’s striker, while those who don’t will be permanently barred from playing.

Yoichi Isagi, our protagonist, is a high school student chosen for this scheme. While he is undeniably talented, he is haunted by memories of his defeats in previous competitions and hence is unable to fully commit to the plan. He seizes the chance to become the national team’s top scorer, but can he overcome his personal demons to unlock Japan’s, Blue Lock?

Blue Lock Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date and Time

Originally airing on TV in Japan on October 8, 2022, Blue Lock is a well-regarded anime series. Due to the overwhelming response to the first few episodes, the show has been renewed for a second season. Yes! The first season of Blue Lock has now premiered, and several episodes have already been shown.

Fans of the show are so enthralled by it that they are already counting down the days until the premiere of the next episode, Blue Lock Season 1 Episode 6. When will Season 6 Episode 6 be released? As for when you can expect to see Episode 6 of Blue Lock Season 1 in the wild, that date is pegged for November 12th, 2022.

Name of the Season:Blue Lock
Episode Number:Episode 6
Blue Lock Release Date:3 October 5 October 12 November 2022
Blue Lock Episode 6 Release Date:12 November 2022
Number of Seasons:Season 1
TV Shows:Japanese Anime Series

How to watch Blue Lock Season 1 Episode 6 online?

The Blue Lock TV series is quite well-liked, and that’s largely due to its popularity. Since this is a very popular series, many people are looking for information about where and how to watch it online. Luckily, it is available on almost any over-the-top (OTT) platform.

If you want to keep the fun going, you may watch the upcoming episodes of Blue Lock Season 1 on a premium OTT service, which means you can share the show with your loved ones. The fans of this show are legion.

Who here has seen every episode of Blue Lock Season 1? After that, he wants to watch Episode 6 of Season 1 of Blue Lock, which is also available online. You can watch this on an over-the-top service, and if you want to learn about other such shows, you should subscribe to our website.

How to Watch Blue Lock Free?

New users can try Crunchyroll for free for 14 days. If you’re a fan of the show and would like to watch it for free, you can do so throughout the trial period as long as you watch every episode. We do not condone the use of unlawful methods to access content online and instead recommend that our users pay for legal means to do so.

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