Miss Argentina And Miss Puerto Rico Have Announced Their Marriage On Social Media

There is a new power duo on the scene. Fans were astonished and happy when a former Miss Argentina and a previous Miss Puerto Rico unexpectedly announced their marriage on Instagram.

At the 2020 Miss Grand International pageant in Thailand, Mariana Varela and Fabiola Valentin met as the representatives of Argentina and Puerto Rico, respectively. The two beauty queens appeared to stay close friends on social media after placing in the top 10 of the competition. Fans were unaware that they had been secretly dating the entire time.

The couple shared identical Instagram Reels of their romance, which featured romantic beach walks, unguarded kisses, champagne toasts, and a proposal complete with balloons written out “Marry me?” in gold and silver.

The couple is depicted in the post’s primary image standing in front of San Juan’s municipal courtroom, where they were married on October 28. The inscription in Spanish reads, “After deciding to keep our relationship hidden, we opened the doors on a special day.”

Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico
Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico

Varela and Valentin received praise from admirers, celebrities, and other pageant contestants for their flawless romance. Abena Akuaba, a singer and beauty queen from Ghana who won Miss Grand International 2020, wrote “Congratulations.” “MGI brought this lovely union together.”

“I appreciate all the love,” In response to the congratulations, Varela wrote. “We are blessed and pleased.”


Mariana Varela of Argentina and Fabiola Valentin of Puerto Rico stated in a single post linked to both of their accounts, “After deciding to keep our relationship hidden, we now open our doors to a wonderful day.” The text included emojis of love and a ring, as well as what appeared to be their wedding date—October 28.

In the video they posted, which is a compilation of their travels, they propose to each other by candlelight and have a passionate kiss in front of a courtroom in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

It appears that Varela, 26, and Valentin, 22, first crossed paths in March of last year while competing in Thailand’s Miss Grand International competition.

The following week, Valentin shared an Instagram photo of the two women cuddling and captioned it, “One of the wonderful joys in this experience was your friendship, walking this path with you was a special and true one. You are missed, my dear @marianajvarela.”


Both women made it to the top 10, but neither won the competition’s top honor.

Final lines

A former Miss Argentina and a former Miss Puerto Rico surprised and delighted their fans by announcing their marriage on Instagram. Mariana Varela and Fabiola Valentin met at the 2020 Miss Grand International competition in Thailand, where they each represented Argentina and Puerto Rico.

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