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Most Awaiting “The Three Body Problem Anime Release Date”

The Three Body Problem Anime Release Date

This past weekend, the Chinese internet streaming platform Bilibili hosted its Anime Made By Bilibili event, where the company unveiled a new teaser and release date for their highly anticipated The Three-Body Problem series adaption and 49 other upcoming animation titles.

The Three-Body Problem, one of Bilibili’s new series announced in 2019, has gathered more than 40 million views in the trailer’s first three years online. Premiering on the Bilibili platform on December 3rd, the series is based on Liu Cixin’s Hugo Award-winning novel series and is a co-production between The Three-Body Universe and YHKT Entertainment (the latter is responsible for the animation).

Season two of the Bilibili shows Link Click, Fog Hill of Five Elements, Fairies Albums, and To Be Hero X are just a few of the 49 titles now being made by the service. While there, Bilibili released the teaser for the next season of To Be Hero X, which soon became a viral sensation before being removed from YouTube.

In this presentation, which lasts for an hour and a half, you may witness trailers for many of the games on the roster. The firm boasted a roster of 50 series during last year’s Anime Made by Bilibili event, but the fact that just 49 titles were announced this year may imply that the platform has settled into a productive rhythm with regard to original series production.

It is currently unclear whether any of the titles from last year’s list will be recycled for this year’s release. After years of losing money on animated originals, Bilibili CEO Chen Rui finally stated as much last year. It was not specified whether that has altered this year, but the corporation did report some impressive growth in user data in 2022.

Data presented at this year’s gathering revealed that in the month of August alone, Bilibili had over 96 million users, which was more than quadruple the number of viewers from just two years ago. The number of Bilibili users above the age of 25 climbed by more than 7 million years over year, which the business cites as evidence of the surge in popularity of adult-oriented animated content.

Last year, Bilibili stated that it will be more open to international co-production prospects and stories that are not set in China. Recently, Bilibili collaborated with Red Dog Culture House of South Korea and CMC Media of the United Kingdom on the original series Fairies Albums, and also developed the South Korean comic adaptation Face on Lie.

Final Lines

“We have always embraced ‘Made for Global’ as part of our strategy,” stated Bilibili VP Leo Zhang. We’re determined to create more groundbreaking animation that has a worldwide impact, and we want to keep finding exceptional creators from around the world so that we may expand our range of collaboration options.

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