Who Plays Dr. Asher On Chicago Med? Why Does She Look So Familiar?

The newest employee at Chicago Med is Dr. Hannah Asher, sort. The newest lead on NBC’s popular medical drama, which is a part of the highly successful One Chicago franchise, is Dr. Asher. Beginning with Season 7, Episode 17, “If You Love Someone, Set Them Free,” she joined the regular cast.

However, devoted viewers will recall that the character made his or her debut in Season 5.

Dr. Asher was first presented in the fifth season as a drug user, but it was later learned that she also worked at the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center! The only person who knew the truth was Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss), who initially threatened to expose her but ultimately fell in love with her.

Although the return of Hannah in Season 7 startled viewers, it wasn’t entirely unexpected given that the actress portraying her is a seasoned TV performer who has appeared in several top-notch shows.

Who Plays Dr. Hannah Asher on ‘Chicago Med’?

On Chicago Med, Jessy Schram plays Dr. Hannah Asher, a part that is particularly meaningful to her because, according to IMDb, she was born in Illinois.

She began acting at a young age, and as a young lady, she was an important character in one of television’s most underappreciated dramas. Damian Lewis (Billions) played Charlie Crews, an LAPD officer who had been wrongfully convicted of murder, in the 2007–2009 mystery series Life on NBC.

Who Plays Dr Asher On Chicago Med
Who Plays Dr Asher On Chicago Med

As Rachel Seybolt, the sole survivor of the killings and the key to assisting Charlie in establishing his innocence, Jessy returned to the role. In Season 2, Rachel moved in with Crews and started acting as if she were his adopted daughter.

The actress has steadily worked on several relatively well-liked shows as well as some other unappreciated ones since then, raising her profile on television.

Where had ‘Chicago Med’ Fans Seen Jessy Schram Before?

Jessy Schram has been in a wide range of other shows, but Chicago Med marks the first time she has been a series regular.

She played Karen Nadler, who was Hal Mason’s ex-girlfriend before she transformed into an alien dictator, in four seasons of the TNT science fiction drama Falling Skies. Schram appeared as a recurring character in Seasons 2 and 3, a series regular in Season 1, and a guest star in Season 4. (when Karen was finally killed).

In Nashville’s fourth season, Schram had a guest appearance as Cash Gray, a musician who became friends with Maddie Conrad (Lennon Stella). Schram is a singer and songwriter in real life; you can listen to some of her stuff on iTunes!

The actress also enjoys a strong fan base as a result of her frequent appearances in Hallmark Channel productions. Susan Davis was the character she played in the Jane Doe series, and she most recently starred in the 2021 film Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas.

But now that she’s a regular on Chicago Med, viewers will largely catch her on NBC on Wednesday nights as Dr. Asher tries to make her second hospital stay go more smoothly than her first.

On NBC, Chicago Med airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST.

Final Lines

Since 2020, Dr. Hannah Asher has made frequent appearances on the venerable medical drama “Chicago Med” on NBC. Since her first appearance in Season 5, the young OBGYN has been battling a heroin addiction.

Hannah is in a relationship with Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss), but their connection is strained due to the falsehoods she has told him about her addiction.

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