American Gigolo Season 2: Expected Premiere Date & What to Know?

The new series that is making all the noise on the internet right now is “American Gigolo”, and the popularity of the show has reached such heights that fans are already speculating about the possibility of “American Gigolo Season 2”.

The show has created a huge amount of buzz ever since it was released and if it continues to get love, it’s no surprise that we are going to see “American Gigolo Season 2” season. 

But will there be a second season to this remake of the 1980 movie “American Gigolo”? Are we going to see Jon Bernthal again in the driving seat? Will there be more to the thriller in the coming days? Well, we would try to answer all these for you in this article.

The popularity of the first season can be credited to the marvelous writing and production. But now the big question is whether “American Gigolo Season 2” is happening or did the show get canceled.

What Is The Story Of The American Gigolo? Know About The Cast

Though most people have seen the series and anticipate an “American Gigolo Season 2” soon, some don’t know what goes on in this thriller. In the first season ofAmerican Gigolo”, we see a fresh take on the classic movie of the same name. Back then, it was set in the contemporary day.

However, in this series, Julian Kaye played by Jon Bernthal has a different fight to win. He gets introduced after 18 years as before that he was accused of murder. His journey continues to grow interesting as Julian attempts to make a name for himself in the sex industry that exists in Los Angeles

The show takes an interesting turn as we see Julian fighting to find the real truth that has put him in such despair before. He goes out looking for the truth of the event that forced him to stay in the correctional facility.

Although we do not know how the story will be in “American Gigolo Season 2”, in the first season, he does his best to get reunited with his true love Michelle. Gretchen Mol plays the role of Michelle and although it’s based on the classic 1980 film, the acting of the cast has impressed fans and critics alike. 

American Gigolo Season 2
American Gigolo Season 2

If there is an “American Gigolo Season 2”, fans will definitely want to see the same cast return to the screen. With so many more layers than Richard Gere in the classic film, Jon Bernthal, the new Julian brings a lot of edge and energy.

Bernthal carries the dark profile of Gere gracefully and though some will argue, he is less attractive than Richard Gere, the way he has portrayed Julian, there is a hook that the classic film lacked.

“American Gigolo Season 2” is a hot topic right now and it is justified owing to the incredible ending we saw in the first season. The trajectory of the show takes Julian to a place where he could locate a witness who will disclose information about the real traitor of Julian.

Michelle and Richard on the other hand are trying their best to secure a safe return for Colin. All of this combined has set expectations high for American Gigolo Season 2” and if there is one, we cannot wait to find out where the story leads.

Is “American Gigolo Season 2” Going To Be Released?

The ending of the first season has left fans wanting more. Fans expect the storyline to continue in “American Gigolo Season 2” but when it comes to the news of renewing the show, there is still no confirmation. As of now, it is not sure whether the creators are going to go for “American Gigolo Season 2”. Because there are no official updates yet, we cannot be certain of the next installment of the show.

American Gigolo Season 2
American Gigolo Season 2

American Gigolo Season 2 Release Date and More

Fans are wondering about the release date of “American Gigolo Season 2” soon after the first season wrapped up. Since there is no official announcement, we can only say the release date will be revealed only after the official declaration will be made.

However, looking at the schedule and speculations, there is a possibility that “American Gigolo Season 2” will air at the end of 2024. The probability is uncertain but still, are you excited for a continuation of the remake of the classic thriller story “American Gigolo”? Well, “American Gigolo Season 2” will pack in a lot of interesting twists and turns that we cannot wait to find out.

American Gigolo Season 2
American Gigolo Season 2

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Final Lines

Here we discuss American Gigolo Season 2. Fans are asking when “American Gigolo Season 2” will air. Since there’s no formal announcement, the release date won’t be known until then.

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