Did Netflix Renew “Big Mouth Season 7”? Release Date, Cast, Plot & More

Big Mouth was renewed early in 2022, not long after its spin-off show, Human Resources, started streaming on Netflix. When Netflix announced that Human Resources had been renewed, they also said that Big Mouth Season 7 had been renewed.

If you have thought that “Big Mouth” is going anywhere soon enough, you were wrong. “Big Mouth Season 6” is winning by being at the top with its smart and comedy plot line. The fans have explored deep into the discussions of sudden puberty and switched to adulting-related queries in the latest season.

With the story progressing towards a new chapter in the lives of the main characters, “Big Mouth Season 7” has a lot more to share. Does this mean that “Big Mouth Season 7” got the final news of renewal to continue the next fun-filled chapter? From the release date to all the information about the cast list, we have news that you do not want to miss.

Big Mouth Season 7 Renewed? When Will “Big Mouth Season 7” Air?

“Big Mouth” first debuted on 29th September 2017 and after the third season dropped in 2019, the show got renewed till season six. On 29th October 2022, “Big Mouth Season 6” had its global release and this was yet another success.

The series was binge-worthy with all 10 episodes keeping you hooked to it until the show ends. “Big Mouth Season 6” is on Netflix and we warn you, once you start watching, there is no comeback. 

Big Mouth Season 7
Big Mouth Season 7

The word “funny” will not be enough to describe the show. So, the creators couldn’t have ditched the audience without giving them “Big Mouth Season 7”. Yes, “Big Mouth Season 7” has got the much-awaited renewal in April 2022 only. The renewal came just five months after season 5 was aired. Though this wasn’t a multi-series renewal, you can be sure of another season coming your way.

For the speculations around the “Big Mouth Season 7” release date, we believe that the comedy series is likely to release around the fall of 2023. Thus, the wait for the new chapter has begun now. 

What is the Plot for “Big Mouth Season 7”?

This season on the highly-rated show “Big Mouth”, the creators delved into a new segment that even adults can relate to. The first few seasons tapped heavily into topics related to sexual curiosity and exploring sexuality. Later it went deep into the different phases that each individual goes through as a young teen.

It even openly discussed mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and other character traits such as jealousy, hatred, competitiveness, and more. The most interesting thing about “Big Mouth” is that it has thoughtfully spread these different personality traits among all the characters. In this way, any growing adult or teen who watches the can clearly under the message behind the comedy series.

After covering the important topics, “Big Mouth Season 7” was mostly about slowly entering the adulthood of the characters. The main focus was on the parental relationship, staying goodbye to school, and highlighting the complications in their individual lives.

Brandon Kyle Goodman (Walter the Lovebug) has teased what the fans can hope for from “Big Mouth Season 7”. 

“I think you can expect the same irreverence… the same dirtiness, but also even more heart and vulnerability as we explore families.” “And I think also really discussing gender identity, which is exciting to me being a black queer non-binary writer on the show.”

“Big Mouth Season 7” will never fail to introduce yet another educational season. Without any doubt, you will be acquiring all the juicy and valuable information about life.

Who is in the Star-Studded Cast of “Big Mouth Season 7”?

The original cast has been continuing to show us more about the lives of our favorite “Big Mouth” characters. Each of these characters is interesting and has a lot of layers that are yet to be unveiled in the future. Creator Nick Kroll has joined Andrew Goldberg, Jennifer Flackett, and Mark Levin to present the best version of the “Big Mouth” characters as the season passes. So, in “Big Mouth”, the same cast will be seen and these are.

  •               Nick Kroll will be playing Nick Birch, Hormone Monster Maury, Lola, and  the                  super funny Coach Steve
  •               John Mulaney as Andrew Glouberman
  •               Jessi Klein as Jessi Glaser
  •               Jason Mantzoukas as Jay Bilzerian
  •               Maya Rudolph will be playing Diane Birch and Connie
  •               Ayo Edebiri as Missy Foreman-Greenwald
  •               Jordan Peele will be playing the Ghost of Duke Ellington
  •               Fred Armisen as Elliot Birch

Guest appearances are made every season and so will happen in “Big Mouth Season 7” to intensify the impact on the show.

This is hopefully under production and the details of the release date will be revealed soon. Until then, enjoy the current season for the rest of the content.

Final Lines

The renewal for Big Mouth came early in 2022, not long after Human Resources, a spin-off of Big Mouth, came out on Netflix. When Netflix said that Human Resources had been renewed, they also said that Big Mouth had been renewed.

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