Gotham Knights characters: Here is an overview of the “Bat Family”

“Gotham Knights” are ruling everywhere and when it comes to the “Gotham Knights” characters, there is no comparison. Traversing through the rooftops of Gotham city and taking on the sly thugs, they are making sure the city is safe. With the return of the new season, it looks like “Gotham Knights” characters have got a major update.

Batman will be missing this time from the “Gotham Knights” characters but we are going to see so many of the iconic sidekicks of DC. These sidekicks of the Gotham Knights characters are some of the most prominent partners of the caped crusader, we will have Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, and Red hood. 

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Gotham’s safety is in the hands of these iconic “Gotham Knights” characters and we are so excited to see them. When you look deeper into the “Gotham Knights” characters, you will find some really interesting villains popping up. Looks like it’s going to be quite a show for all.

Who are the heroes of the Gotham Knights characters?


We cannot wait to reveal the best “Gotham Knights” characters, starting with the fan favorite Batgirl played by Barbara Gordon. Jim Gordon, her father, has done his part in saving Gotham and now it’s time for her to stand up to her father’s pride, Gotham city.

When it comes to the characters, Batgirl, the tech guru has got it covered. From helping Batman previously to the recognizable tonfa, she is the character you want to choose to take them down all. Adding to the tonfa is the grapple, and you can climb the side of the buildings with them.


Youngest of them all, the character of Robin is played by Tim Drake. He is young but highly capable, and the gadgets and weaponry he uses make him quite skilled in combat. Take the enemies down with the collapsible quarterstaff that Robin comes equipped with.

It lets you choke the enemies too. All the gadgets combined make him one of the coolest “Gotham Knights” characters to play with. Sneaking around the battlefield, getting behind enemies, he can do it all.


Next, we have Nightwing, played by Dick Grayson. He is now in the addition to the list of “Gotham Knights” characters you can play with and missions around Gotham city are so much more fun with him.

The most agile and almost capable of ping-ponging himself, from rooftops to streets, the first ever iteration of Robin, Nightwing spent quite some time with Batman and has learned all the good things.

You can shoot flashbangs from your wrists and take a breather before coming at your enemy with all the strength. Probably the best of the “Gotham Knights” characters, Nightwing can cause an elemental status effect when he emits those elemental shockwaves.

Jason Todd

Lastly, we have Jason Todd playing the role of Red Hood, the one with an interesting trajectory in the DC universe. His story is different and this last playable “Gotham Knights” character was killed by Joker at one point in time but he eventually resurrects and takes up the robin mantle, the second person to take the mantle.

Though he started his life as a major anti-hero and has caused difficulty to the Bat Family on multiple occasions, he is something else now. He has twin pistols and they can incapacitate enemies.

He spares the life and players who like a ranged approach in the game, Red Hood and his enticing combat style are what you would enjoy. Every one of the “Gotham Knights” characters can climb roofs, Red Hood uses the energy of his soul to leap around the skies, quite mystically. His slow but strong combat with the enemies is interesting.

Villains of the Gotham Knights characters

When it comes to the enemies and foes in the list of “Gotham Knights” characters, we have plenty. We have Mr. Freeze played by Victor Fries and he pops up here and there in the game.

Penguin, played by Oswald Cobblepot is notoriously iconic. He is a bit more than an enemy as he hands over useful information to the protagonists. Clayface, Harley Quinn, The Court of Owls, Ra’s al Ghul, and Talia al Ghul are the other Gotham Knights characters that you need to look out for.  

The “Gotham Knights” characters have offered the audiences endless entertainment. Only the future episodes can say how the series is going to further unfold. So, are you keeping up with “Gotham Knights” before the final seasons arrive?

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