Hilary Swank Pregnant With Twins: When Is Her Due Date?

The two-time Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank is going to be blessed with the best gift of her life. After her successful career in Hollywood, the actress is excited to embrace motherhood. Yes, Hilary Swank is pregnant and we know that the fans cannot keep calm.

Earlier this month on 5th October, the “Million Dollar Baby” actress announced her pregnancy first on “Good Morning America”. Later she took to Instagram to announce the same. But who is the father of the child? And how is she doing? You will not want to skip this news.

Hilary Swank Celebrated Halloween with Her Expected Twins

We know all are just in love with pregnant Hilary Swank. She is pregnant and quirky and giving us all the more reason to share the joy with her in this lovely moment. After her exclusive show with “Good Morning America”, she announced her pregnancy journey by posting a video. It was captioned, “Coming soon…DOUBLE feature!”

While in “Good Morning America” as well, she couldn’t keep her excitement to herself, she shared to fans, “My next thing is I’m gonna be a mom,” “And not just of one but two.”So, she had made the obvious announcement of expecting twins. This is her first-ever pregnancy and the 48-year-old actress got lucky the very first time.


She even couldn’t stop including her babies in her Halloween photo who are due as of now. Hilary Swank uploaded a rare photo will her baby bump and said, “#HappyHalloween from me, Pumpkin Moon, and my PumpTwins”. And of course, her cute little dog had to photobomb the picture.

The star even explained how she has been double sick in her first trimester due to her morning sickness. Now that she is “feeling better”, she is excited to see what is next in line for her.

Who is the Father of Hilary Swank’s Expected Twins?

Hilary was previously married to Chad Lowe in 1997 and the relationship was till 2007. But life changed for good when she married her husband Philip Schneider in 2018 in a private ceremony. The couple has been taking their relationship gradually to the next step of their life.

Now, fans have always wondered why Hilary waited so long to start her lovely family. Well, Hilary clarified, “I was having a career and not having the right relationship until … four years ago,” “All the elements needed to come together and be right,” It’s just something I thought about even as a young girl,” “It’s something that was on my mind, so it’s nice to be here and just be pregnant.”

Hilary Swank Pregnant
Hilary Swank Pregnant

She found her happiness in Philip and the couple is currently busy picking up names for their children. From organizing the entire nursery to making the house child-proof, the journey is nothing more than a magical experience for lovers that they are grateful to share. 

Many fans are even concerned about the actress’s health since it is a high-risk pregnancy because of her age. However, we believe that both the baby mama and the babies will do fine. So, Philip Schneider is the father of the twins and together the duo has a lot to show.

When is the Due Date and Gender of the Babies?

The actress has confirmed in her GMA interview that this is her second trimester. Thus, the actress is already hoping to see her baby soon enough. As a matter of fact, on “The Drew Barrymore Show” she shared that the due date has special importance.

Well, it is because the due date is exactly on her dad, Stephen Hawk’s birthday. Though there might be change since one cannot predict when the labor happens, we hope her wish for the babies to share their birthday with her dad comes true.

She had already come to that stage where her clothes weren’t fitting and she even had to cut open her jeans to fit in. But she believes in miracles and this journey has been nothing more than that.

Hilary Swank Pregnant
Hilary Swank Pregnant

Hilary is one of the celebrities who is expecting babies. Previously Chrissy Teigen and John Legend had shared about their rainbow baby. And Hollywood’s sweetest couple, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are expecting their fourth child. So, Hollywood will see a lot of celebrity babies being born next year.  Are you excited to see the big group of new Hollywood babies? 

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Final Lines

Here, we discuss the pregnancy of Hilary Swank. She an actress who has won two Oscars, will soon receive the greatest present she has ever received. I hope you like this information. If you like this, so please share it with your freinds and comment in the comment box. Bookmark our website for the latest updates. Must Check Is Jenny Mars Pregnant? A Deep Dive Through the Rumors!

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