Kate Upton Push a Sled That Was Weighed by Her Husband Justin Verlander

When training with her longtime trainer Ben Bruno, Kate Upton isn’t hesitant to push herself to her limits. She’s done a variety of workouts with him, including water resistance exercises in the pool, trap bar deadlift variants, and single-leg hip thrusts, all of which they’ve documented and shared online.

Bruno just posted a flashback video of Upton pushing a sled uphill with her husband, Houston Astros baseball ace Justin Verlander. In the video, Upton, dressed in pink leggings and a black tank top, can be seen leaning forward as she pushes Verlander up a hill on a residential street.

Kate Upton Push a Sled That Was Weighed by Her Husband

My wife pushed me around as always,” jokes Verlander in the video. “Just the ball and chain weighing me down,” replies Upton. Verlander pushes Upton to keep climbing up the steep incline with some lighthearted conversation, and Upton obliges. Her dog Norman even makes a brief appearance at the very end of the film.

As stated in the post’s caption, Bruno decided to share the comedic video in celebration of Verlander’s club advancing to the MLB Championship Series.

Sled pushes and pulls are effective exercises because of the resistance provided by the sled’s weight. The exercises are “extreme,” as Kate Hudson’s trainer Brian Nguyen put them to Shape. As an added bonus, “it’s really excellent for separating the legs and hips,” he said.

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According to Marty Miller, DHSc, NASM regional master instructor and vice president of education and training at Technogym North America, “Implementing a weighted sled push into a training program is a safe and effective way to increase both performance and overall conditioning,“.

He stated that using the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves was essential for propelling the sled forward. On top of that, it will get your blood pumping. Even if she may have been hesitant in the past, Upton now appears willing to increase the weight she uses in her sled sessions.

“In the beginning of my training with Bruno, he would always say, “Let’s put 500 pounds on the sled,” and I would always respond, “I can’t do that.” So he began standing on the sled, blocking my view of the load “Upton had earlier mentioned to Shape. My perspective has shifted 180 degrees, and I’m constantly challenging myself to achieve more.

Kate Upton Push a Sled That Was Weighed by Her Husband

Final Lines

One surefire method to force yourself into a new PR is to add the weight of your trainer or training partner to your own. If you want to follow in Upton’s footsteps, which are obviously admirable, you might want to think about bringing a friend to the gym with you the next time you go.

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