Nick Cannon Gets Trolled By Ryan Reynolds After His 11th Baby Announcement

A joke played on each other by two close friends. After hearing that his close friend Nick Cannon is expecting his 11th child, Ryan Reynolds couldn’t help but poke fun at his friend.

On November 3, the Deadpool actor, who is 46 years old, tweeted, “We’re going to need a bigger bottle,” along with a link to a report about Cannon’s pregnancy announcement. Cannon is expecting his first child.

On Thursday, the host of “The Masked Singer,” who is 42 years old, disclosed that he and his partner, Alyssa Scott, are expecting their second child together. The Drumline actor and the model, who is 29, had their first child together in June 2021 and named him Zen.

In December 2021, when the infant was just five months old, he passed away as a result of an extremely uncommon kind of brain cancer.

On Thursday, Scott shared a snapshot of himself and Cannon’s growing baby bump on Instagram with the caption, “This is a MIRACLE and a BLESSING.” In October, the influencer shared the news that she was expecting, but at the time, she did not confirm that the Wild ‘n Out host was the father of her child.

Cannon, who is a father to ten children, has added three more children to his family this year. He has twins named Moroccan and Monroe, who are 11 years old, with his ex-wife Mariah Carey. He also has twins named Zion and Zillion, who are 16 months old, with Abby De La Rosa.

He has a son named Legendary, who is 4 months old, with Bre Tiesi. He has a daughter named Onyx, who is 1 month old, with LaNisha Cole. He has sons Golden and Rise, who are 1 month old, and a daughter Powerful Queen De La Rosa, who is 32 years old, revealed in June that she is expecting a third child, although she has not disclosed the identity of the kid’s biological father. During the same month, Cannon made a joke about how he was still adding branches to his family tree.

Nick Cannon Gets Trolled By Ryan Reynolds
Nick Cannon Gets Trolled By Ryan Reynolds

“When you say ‘on the way,’ what count are you at this point? “During one of the episodes of the “Lip Service” podcast, he cracked a joke. “Just to put it another way, the stork is on its way.”

For his part, Reynolds has already made fun of the former cast member of Up All Night for his sizable family. In June, the two worked together on a Father’s Day marketing campaign for the Aviation gin brand owned by Reynolds. Cannon created a drink that he dubbed “The Vasectomy” for the promotion.

The Roll Bounce actor presented the drink for the first time in a video posted to Instagram at the time. He jokingly referred to it as “the mother of all drinks.” Cannon said, “Lord knows I need one” just before presenting the recipe, which called for gin, tonic, cranberry juice, and lemon juice.

The Proposal actor added his quip in his Instagram caption, writing: “Congrats to @nickcannon! Also apologies to @nickcannon. While delicious, the Aviation Vasectomy is clearly not yet 100% effective. #HappyFathersDay.”

On her Twitter account, Reynolds retweeted a tweet from People magazine about Cannon expecting her 11th kid with the caption, “We’re going to need a bigger bottle.”

This joke could signify a reference to a baby bottle or a booze bottle depending on your point of view.

The actor who plays Deadpool is the owner of Aviation Gin, and he collaborated with Cannon on a Father’s Day commercial for the brand. In the commercial, the three of them prepared “the mother of all cocktails: “The Vasectomy.”

In the commercial, Cannon makes a joke by saying, “Lord knows I need one.”

In September, Cannon and his other co-parents welcomed their ninth and tenth children into the world.

In addition, he and Scott had a child together named Zen, who passed away in December 2021 at the age of five months after being diagnosed with brain cancer.


Nick Cannon is growing his family, which is fun for Ryan Reynolds. Thursday, model Alyssa Scott posted some photos of her pregnancy on her Instagram account. In the pictures, Scott and Cannon are in a bathtub, and he is touching and kissing her pregnant belly.

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