When Will Sister Wives Season 17 Episode 8 Air On TLC? Know About The Release Date, Synopsis And More

The latest season 17 has been spilling juicy gossip and “Sister Wives” Season 17 Episode 8 was filled with drama. What happened in “Sister Wives” Season 17 Episode 8 and how did it make an impact on the lives of the family members?

TLC has always presented the weirdest shows for the fans. “Sister Wives” is one such series that showcases the lives of a polygamist family living their lives in Lehi, Utah but later relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada.

The show premiered on 26th September 2010 and has been continuing in mainstream television ever since then. Kody Brown is the man of the series living his life with wives Meri, Christine, Robyn, and Janelle. Brown wanted to promote polygamy in today’s society but eventually, cracks started forming in the family.

The latest season 17 has been spilling juicy gossip and “Sister Wives”  was filled with drama. What happened in “Sister Wives” Season 17 and how did it make an impact on the lives of the family members?

When was “Sister Wives” Season 17 Episode 8 Released and What Was it About?

“Sister Wives” Season 17 Episode 8 returned to TLC to give the viewers every single detail of the family drama. On 31st October 2022, the latest episode of “Sister Wives” dropped and it was the perfect night for the “Sister Wives” fans for the Halloween season. It aired in its usual timeframe, 10 pm E.T. 

But what is the ongoing mess that fans are so interested to keep up with in “Sister Wives” Season 17 Episode 8?  Well, this episode will address the discussions as well as arguments about the divorce that the family is going through. Christine is now packing his belongings for Kody and wants him to leave the house.

sister wives season 17 episode 8
sister wives season 17 episode 8

Thus, all of his items are packed and put inside the car. Moreover, Christine demands to proceed with equal division of all the assets so that there is no injustice. After seeing all of this, Meri and Robyn are getting concerned and now extremely in doubt about the future of the family that was once close-knit.

The synopsis given by “Sister Wives” Season 17 Episode 8 reads:

“Kody deals with the divorce fallout as Christine prepares to leave Flagstaff. Meri and Robyn have a heart-to-heart about the future of the family, and Ysabel heads off to college.”

Christine Proposes A New Divorce Settlement to Kody in “Sister Wives” Season 17 Episode 8

A lot of unknown details have come out and Robyn seems to be deeply affected. Meri and Robyn will be openly discussing the current situation going on in Kody’s life. The sister wives are concerned about how Kody could have just fought to keep the relationship with Christine.

Moreover, they aren’t happy that Kody isn’t giving any time to his other wives. The whole situation has gotten upsetting and Meri even expresses how she has no relationship at all with Kody. Robyn confessed that during her marriage with Kody, she wished to have a good father who will love her three kids and a romantic relationship was the last of her preference. 

In the midst of the chaos, Ysabel, Christine, and Kody’s daughter will be leaving for North Carolina for college. While they were packing all of Kody’s stuff, she proposed a new divorce settlement. Christine said about her plans to sell her house, so Kody can have the Coyote Pass land. The main motto is equally dividing all the assets. So, “Sister Wives” has been an emotional roller coaster for the cast.

What did Truly Think About the Divorce in “Sister Wives’ Season 17 Episode 7?

In last week’s episode, Christine and Kody’s youngest daughter Truly honestly came out about her feelings. She expressed how she is not happy with her parent separating and since she was informed, at last, she felt betrayed.

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The former couple’s daughter demanded extra time to settle the situation but sadly, that didn’t happen. Now, the former couple has to decide on the child custody agreement, or else, the state will have no other option but to take control of their kids.

“Sister Wives” Season 17 has updated on the progress of the about-to-be-divorced couple and it was also hard for fans. Since they have been following the show for so long, “Sister Wives”  Episode 8 did leave an emotional imprint on their mind. After “Sister Wives” fans are curious to find out about the future of the family. Thus, wait until the next episode!


On Sunday, October 30 at 10 p.m. ET, TLC will broadcast Sister Wives season 17. The episode will also be available for viewing on TLC Go on Monday, October 31—one day following the broadcast premiere.

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