“Tell Me Lies Season 2”: Has Hulu Renewed or Cancelled The Show?

Tell Me Lies Season 2 There has always been a friend in your group who couldn’t stop getting back with their toxic friend. Or are you that friend? Well, whatever it is, nobody can quite be like Lucy Albright. “Tell Me Lies” has been based on Meaghan Oppenheimer’s popular series of 2018 books, with the same name.

It has a highly intense plotline and fans couldn’t just stop getting more involved in the show. Moreover, the truth about Macy’s death was revealed in the finale. Still, the season ended on a cliffhanger, and fans couldn’t wait for the confirmation of Season 2. So, did Hulu renew “Tell Me Lies Season 2” or was it the end of the thrilling series?

“Tell Me Lies Season 2” Renewed or Canceled?

It is just not easy to get over the shocking finale of “Tell Me Lies”. One thing we can vouch for is that fans have in no way expected that the season will end on such a note. The show has evoked a range of emotions amongst viewers including that frustration.

Besides, the storyline is so demanding that we cannot prevent ourselves from going in-depth to explore the dramatic instances at Baird College. The response has been huge and the success of the show has been beyond anticipation. So, what about the update on “Tell Me Lies Season 2”? Did Hulu renew the show for the second season?

Tell Me Lies Season 2
Tell Me Lies Season 2

The finale was aired on 26th October 2022 and there are a lot of questions that haven’t been answered as of now. Neither the network nor the showrunner has given greenlit for  Season 2 so we cannot confirm the news of renewal.

But it hasn’t been a month yet and it usually takes more than a month to finally decide on season renewal. Besides, Megan Oppenheimer seems to have a hopeful attitude for “Tell Me Lies Season 2”.While in an interview, she said that in “Tell Me Lies ” she is looking forward to exploring more into the gap existing from Lucy’s freshman year to 2015. 

The author said, “We wrote [Tell Me Lies Season 1] hoping for season two for sure. We don’t finish their relationship at the end of season one. So, you know, knock on wood. Hopefully, we get to keep going with it.”

“Megan has talked about the 8-year gap we don’t see. For years, (Lucy and Stephen) probably the same situation — this back and forth, this push and pull, this cat and mouse game”.

So, It may be on the cards, it just needs approval for proceeding further. Plus, this isn’t a limited series and this makes the chances of renewal high.

What is the Expected Plot For the Upcoming “Tell Me Lies Season 2”

The first season was set in 2008 and revolves around the lives of students from Baird College. Lucy, Pippa, as well as Bree, makes up the most popular and coolest senior group. But Lucy finds interest in Stephen who is quite a mysterious character and has a reputation for being different.

After they meet and start getting serious, Lucy’s roommate Macy dies. This led to uncovering of all the dirty secrets and eventually, Macy’s murderer was caught. But then the students finally parted ways, taking charge of their own life.

So, Season 2 has a lot to narrate after season 1 ends by triggering so many questions. The storyline hasn’t been shared but once the renewal is confirmed, all the details will be available. 

“Tell Me Lies Season 2” Cast 

The good thing about the finale is that the entire cast can return to reprising individual roles even after so much drama. New additions are possible but the importance of the old characters will not be overshadowed. So, learn about the cast list of “Tell Me Lies Season 2” that will give impactful performances.

  •               Grace Van Patten as Lucy Albright
  •               Spencer House as Wrigley
  •               Jackson White as Stephen DeMarco
  •               Benjamin Wadsworth as Drew
  •               Edmund Donovan as Max
  •               Catherine Missal as Bree
  •               Sonia Mena as Pippa
  •               Natalee Linez as Lydia Montgomery
  •               Branden Cook as Evan
  •               Gabriella Pession as Marianne
  •               Alicia Crowder as Diana
  •               Tyriq Withers as Tim

Fans will be entering into a new realm but having the old subject line. The answer to the renewal may look uncertain but we know that “Tell Me Lies Season 2” is happening and only a few more days left to get the approval. So, are you hopeful about “Tell Me Lies Season 2”?


It is still popular right now. That is the great looming issue. The program was highly successful and concluded on a tremendous cliffhanger that left viewers all but begging for more. We still need an answer to the big question of whether we will receive it or not.

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