Pregnant Arkansas Mom And Baby Found Dead In Missouri After Suspected Kidnapping

A woman from Benton County, Arkansas, who was last seen on Monday has been found dead near McDonald, Missouri, along with the unborn child she had been carrying. A couple is being investigated for their possible involvement in the case. A pregnant Arkansas mom was killed in Missouri by a woman who wanted to claim her baby and the baby was also found dead.

Amber and Jamie Waterman, who are married, are being held in custody in McDonald, Missouri, on first-degree kidnapping charges, and more charges are expected to be filed against them in connection with the death of Ashley Bush and the child she was pregnant with, according to the Benton County Sheriff Shawn Holloway, who disclosed this information during a news conference on Thursday.

Holloway remarked that “this was one of the most awful incidents that I had been intimately engaged with.”

Benton County Prosecuting Attorney Nathan Smith, who also addressed the news conference, stated that it is currently unknown whether or whether Bush was slain in Arkansas or Missouri. This information was provided by Nathan Smith. He further mentioned that the situation is being investigated by multiple authorities.

Pregnant Arkansas Mom And Baby Found Dead
Pregnant Arkansas Mom And Baby Found Dead

The Watermans were taken into custody on Thursday, and according to the records of the local jail as well as a statement issued by the McDonald County Sheriff’s Office in the state of Missouri, the FBI was involved in the operation.

According to Smith, the accused will most certainly face federal charges for their involvement in the crime.

“Law enforcement has reason to suspect that both of them are implicated in this crime, and certainly as the facts play out and the investigation progresses, we will know the level of that involvement for both of them,” the author writes. At this time, however, the evidence suggests that there was cause to detain both of them in connection with the charges,” he stated.

According to a statement that was published on Tuesday by the police in Benton County, Bush, who was 31 weeks pregnant at the time, was last seen near Maysville, Arkansas, sitting in the passenger seat of an older model tan pickup truck.

“The person operating the vehicle identified herself as ‘Lucy,’ and she was a white woman in her forties with brown hair that reached her shoulders. When Ashley was seeking a job where she could work from home, she came across Lucy online. According to the statement, “Lucy picked her up that morning at the Handi-Mart in Maysville so that she could drive her to a job interview in Bentonville.”

Investigators have a strong suspicion that “Lucy” was actually Amber Waterman.

According to the police, Bush’s body was discovered on Monday at a location that was separate from the daughter she had been carrying when she died.

The sheriff of McDonald County, Rob Evenson, stated in an email to CNN that the infant had been deceased since the late afternoon on Monday.

Final Lines

According to federal investigators, on Friday, a pregnant woman from Arkansas who thought she was traveling to an interview for a job was instead murdered in Missouri by a woman who wanted to claim her baby.

The victim believed she was heading to the state for the interview. It was also discovered that the infant had died.

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