1000-Lb. Tammy Slaton Is Engaged To Her Boyfriend Caleb After Accepting His Proposal In Rehab

unbelievable 1000-Lb Tammy Slaton is now engaged and will soon wed, which is good news for Sisters fans. After a close friend of the TLC star revealed the news anonymously, The Sun was the first to exclusively announce Tammy was engaged. Who is Tammy Slaton’s fiancé, and when are these hasty nuptials happening? For more information, keep reading.

1000-Lb. Sisters: Tammy Slaton Engaged, Getting Married Soon

According to a source, 1000-LB SISTERS star Tammy Slaton is engaged to the man who has been keeping their relationship a secret.

In a video that has been made available exclusively to The United States Sun, Tammy, 36, can be seen accepting the romantic proposal made by her new boyfriend Caleb in the parking lot of her rehabilitation center in Ohio.

Tammy’s path to finding love has been paved with more than its fair share of obstacles, and it was in rehabilitation that she stumbled onto her future fiancé.

“She’s begun dating Caleb in recovery, and I’m so pleased they met in person and were not dating online,” gushed a source close to the 1000-lb Sisters actress. “I’m so happy they met in person and were not dating online.”

Tammy’s prior boyfriends include Jerry Sykes and a man known online as “BBW (Big Beautiful Women) King.” The latter was described as a “train crash” by the celebrity’s close friend.

Tammy’s family expressed their belief on the TLC show that Jerry and the “BBW King” encouraged her to engage in unhealthy eating and lifestyle behaviors.

1000-Lb. Tammy Slaton Is Engaged
1000-Lb. Tammy Slaton Is Engaged

However, Tammy’s pal thinks that Caleb represents a new stage in the star’s life.

According to a source close to the situation, “They have a lot of the same difficulties that they can discuss, and they’ve been a great support for each other [in rehabilitation], which is awesome.”

Tammy was surprised with a marriage proposal from Caleb during the final week of October, and the couple has decided to hold a low-key, intimate ceremony in Ohio at some point in November.

The insider stated that preparations for the happy couple’s application for a marriage license have already begun. Caleb is going to relocate to Kentucky to be with his new love, which is one of the major plans that Tammy and Caleb have for their post-rehab future.

Tammy has recently rented an apartment around one hour outside of Morganfield after vacating the well-known duplex that she and her sister Amy, 35, had been sharing for several years.

The United States Sun has asked Tammy’s representative for comment on the situation.

Hope For Tammy

The year has not gone without a hitch for the famous person. After reaching 639 pounds and needing assistance, Tammy checked herself back into a weight recovery center during the holiday season of the previous year.

Tammy’s “reckless summer” consisted of her indulging in unhealthy behaviors such as overeating, smoking, and drinking. The celebrity has been attending treatment consistently for almost a year now and has shown signs of improvement during this time.

Earlier, significant updates on Tammy’s development in her Ohio treatment center were reported by The United States Sun. Tammy is hoping to finish her stay at the facility sooner than the physicians had initially projected.

Tammy’s friend mentioned that after having her Instagram account stolen, she created a second, more private account that only her family and close friends can follow.

After going missing from her public social media accounts early this year, the celebrity used her private Instagram account on April 27 to share a selfie taken from within her treatment facility.

Tammy proudly displayed a painting she had recently completed while sipping a calorie-free Coke Zero in another photo. As she stood there in a black tank top with her hair pulled back and her painting in her hand, she exuded an air of confident satisfaction about her work.

Tammy’s Nightmare

Thieves “kicked in the back door and took stuff” from Tammy’s vacant duplex house in Morganfield while she was away receiving treatment for her substance abuse problem.

The scary revelations regarding the intruder who broke into Tammy’s home in Kentucky were privately confirmed by Deputy Starkey to the United States Sun. The deputy from Union County described what happened, saying, “The burglary took place not long after the Slaton sisters moved out.”

Starkey proceeded by saying, “The intruder[s] must have observed that the home was uninhabited to break in.” The unknown perpetrator(s) “kicked in the back door and stole a washer and dryer, as well as some furniture,” according to the police report.

Tammy’s neighbor next door was also a victim of a home invasion, and their sink was taken. The Sun was also given information by a source who is close to the Slaton sisters regarding the terrifying robbery.

According to the information provided by the source, Amy discovered the burglary when she went to check up on her old home while Tammy was away from it.

A friend of Tammy’s recounted the situation as follows: “Amy provided images to Tammy. Valuables were taken, and there were traces of forced entry.” The source stated that she “wants to sell the house” because she and her sisters are concerned that the break-in may have been the work of “a deranged admirer.”

Fears For Tammy

The celebrity had a few brush-with-death experiences before her second stay in rehabilitation, during which she resolved to make significant changes in her life. In April 2015, the celebrity came dangerously close to passing away not once, but twice.

When Tammy awoke one day and realized that she was having trouble breathing, an ambulance took her straight to the nearest hospital. The diagnosis of pneumonia was made by the doctors after the nurses had difficulty locating her veins to perform blood tests and some x-rays on her.

Tammy’s oxygen levels dropped to 17 in the weeks following her hospitalization in the intensive care unit (ICU), and she suffered mightily to recover from the sickness.

Tammy asserted that she had “almost died that night” when she awoke three and a half weeks later while she was still on life support. About an evening or so later, the same thing happened again.

Thankfully, Tammy made a full recovery from the life-threatening health emergency; nevertheless, in the years that followed, she continued to struggle with additional issues as a result of her weight.

Final Lines

At an Ohio recovery facility, Tammy Slaton met her fiancé Caleb. According to an unnamed source, Caleb proposed to Tammy outside the rehab facility’s parking lot, and she accepted both his offer and his diamond ring.

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