Rihanna Sparks Controversy After Johnny Depp Walks In ‘Savage X Fenty’ Fashion Show

It has been a hot minute since the fans got over the courtroom drama between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard. Though the majority of fans seem to be in support of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor, the latest news of Johnny Depp walking into Savage X Fenty show is sparking controversy.

Johnny Depp may have won the case but it in no way suggests that he isn’t problematic. He will always remain the wanted man in all walks of Hollywood but the news of Depp walking Rihanna’s popular fashion show isn’t sitting right with people. According to TMZ, Depp is going to be a part of the show along with many other celebrities.

The Controversy Regarding Johnny Depp Being Included In Savage X Fenty Vol 4 Fashion Show

The insane amount of backlash that Rihanna’s new line-up is getting is unexpected.  Savage X Fenty Vol 4 is the fourth fashion experience that Rihanna is going to provide to her fans with her size and gender-inclusive lingerie line.

Riri is giving this experience to her fans to see her collection in a way since 2019 partnering with Amazon Prime Video. Fans were excited to have this year’s list of famous celebrities walking Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Vol 4.

So, the big reveal was here and stars like Taraji P. Henson, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Winston Duke, Cara Delevingne, Irina Shayk, Marsai Martin, and Rihanna herself will be walking the show. Whereas, Burna Boy and Anitta will be joining to sing and hype up the performers. 

Savage X Fenty Vol 4 will be the first to have male models walking in the show. Johnny Depp is rumored to be wearing one of the iconic items of the men’s collection. As a matter of fact, TMZ claims that Depp will be the first male to be introduced in the Savage X Fenty runway ever.

Sources claim that Rihanna personally has joined her team to invite Johnny Depp to her show. And after a positive response, both Depp and Riri are excited to bring the visuals to life.

Now, this will be considered the ultimate return of Johnny Depp on TV after his famous televised divorce from Amber Heard. It is said that the actor will be seen in a green “cool” and “chic” vibe. Well, he has been getting an A-list return but fans aren’t happy about it. The whole revelation ended up being messy and controversial and even Rihanna fans are not agreeing with JD’s walk in the show.

Rihanna Sparks Controversy
Rihanna Sparks Controversy

Fans And Critics React To Johnny Depp’s Comeback Through Savage X Fenty Vol 4

The singer’s fans aren’t having it this time. After the casting was disclosed on Thursday, fans are critics are both calling for boycotting Rihanna’s lingerie brand and cosmetic brands as well. Amazon Prime Video is going to release the Savage X Fenty Vol 4 show on 9th November 2022 and Depp will be seen in Savage X Fenty’s men’s collection. In the end credits of the show, Depp’s name will be featured.

Now, Depp was accused of being abusive in his marriage and Amber Heard released a 2018 op-ed in “The Washington Post”. This led to Depp filing a million-dollar defamation case which ultimately led to Depp winning the case. However, it was never said that the couple’s relationship wasn’t toxic.

It is still believed that Depp was abusive in his marriage and so was Amber. In spite of all of these, the return of Depp through Savage X Fenty Vol 4 isn’t something that the fans were expecting.

The backlash is everywhere and one critic said,Savage x Fenty is already a flop adding Johnny Depp to the mix is just another example of how out of touch Rihanna actually is”. Another critic and fan said, “Rihanna can’t be serious? With all these beautiful and unproblematic men in Hollywood, and Johnny Depp is the one that appeals to you the most?”

Maya Oppenheim also joined to say, “I have always admired Rihanna for how effortlessly she exudes that timeless I don’t give a f*** category of cool that never goes out of fashion. But upon learning she is going to feature Johnny Depp in the November fashion show for her Savage X Fenty lingerie brand, I am thinking maybe she should give more of an f**”.

Despite having immense backlash, we don’t think that Riri will change her decision. The bit of Depp’s walk has been shot already and it’s only a wait of a few days until we see the reveal. So, after this controversy, will it affect Rihanna’s business? 

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