Explanation Of The Genshin Impact 3.2 And Nahida Banner Release Dates

Because the long-awaited Genshin Impact Nahida banner is closely linked to the rollout of update 3.2, the specific date on which it will become available is a little bit of a mystery at the moment.

Update 3.2 supposed to go live on November 2, however as Hoyoverse bases its schedules on the time in China, western players will be able to start the game a day earlier than what is specified in the patch notes.

Patch downtime also frequently ends earlier than was announced, so assuming everything goes according to plan, we might be able to roll for Nahida even earlier than expected. Both the new banner for Nahida and the rerun banner for Yoimiya will feature the same three four-star characters: Bennett, Noelle and Razor.

The new banner for Nahida will appear simultaneously with the rerun banner for Yoimiya. Bennett is, according to the most recent version of the character tier list for Genshin Impact, still one of the greatest characters in the entire game, therefore, it is very exciting whenever he makes an appearance.

However, Noelle and Razor do not have any meaningful synergy with Yoimiya, other than the fact that Noelle provides some limited protection. Equally, the limited electro damage that Razor deals would receive only a marginal boost from Nahida’s Dendro powers, hence, this four-star lineup as a whole is not particularly strong.

Both Nahida and Yoimiya will be available under a new weapon banner that highlights the five-star alternatives that are the best in their respective slots. Fans of Yoimiya can pursue the Thunder Pulse bow, while those who support Nahida can pursue the new catalyst known as a Thousand Floating Dreams.

It’s interesting to note that the weapon banner also includes other options for both characters that are worthy of four stars: the Widsith catalyst for Nahida and Rust for Yoimiya. The Genshin Impact weapon banners have a well-deserved reputation for being unforgiving, but if you’re a fan of both Nahida and Yoimiya, this one might be worth picking up with some of your spare Primogems.

Check out the whole Genshin Impact Nahida ascension and kit breakdown that was just recently made available if you are still on the fence about purchasing the Nahida banner from Genshin Impact or if you are seeking to do some last-minute pre-farming. This will open in a new tab. And if you’re just looking for a good weep, her official teaser trailer is here for your viewing pleasure.

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