TikTok-famous Emu, Emmanuel Battles Bird Flu

In the wake of the bird flu epidemic that has swept through his farm and killed off many of the owners’ other animals, Emmanuel the Emu who became an internet sensation earlier this year is in his final days.

TikTok-famous Emu Emmanuel Battles Bird Flu
TikTok-famous Emu Emmanuel Battles Bird Flu

On Saturday, Taylor Blake broke the devastating news that avian flu had devastated their business, Knuckle Bump Farms. The geese had been regularly visiting the farm for some time, bringing with them virulent strains of the disease.

Apparently, according to Blake, they have lost nearly all of their poultry. This includes the ducks, geese and chickens, as well as emus like Emily, Eliza and Elliot.

Now it appears that only Emmanuel and another emu named Rico are still alive but TB says Emmanuel is doing better now after suddenly becoming ill on Wednesday, presumably due to contracting the bird flu that has been spreading throughout their farm.

Blake claims to have been caring for Emmanuel nonstop and that he is currently in a battle for his life. She was heartbroken when they lost their other pets but now that they have Emmanuel, despite his nerve damage, she is thankful.

What she says makes sense, as she explains… “It may seem like I haven’t had a break in months but the truth is that I am truly blessed. I feel so much appreciation and joy knowing that Emmanuel is still with us. His struggle is real. My best friend is coming back from the dead. I’m going to be fine, in fact, we all will.”

Blake has requested prayers and suggestions for big bird physical therapy as she works to restore Emmanuel to full health. Furthermore, it appears that the water that was dispersed throughout Florida as a result of Hurricane I may have aided in the rapid spread of the bird flu. Terrible news, especially if you keep any animals that could be affected. The best of luck to Emmanuel, I hope he makes it.

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