“Westworld” Is Cancelled By HBO After Season 4

Nothing is predictable in showbiz. HBO has decided to cancel the futuristic drama “Westworld” after only four seasons. The announcement was made on the afternoon of 4th November which is Friday and it came 12 weeks after the “Westworld” season 4 finale.

Fans didn’t see this coming since as per the original reports, “Westworld” would have another season that is “Westworld Season 5” before the show would finally wrap up. Moreover, this is a hugely popular show having fans all over the world. The viewership and the reputation of the show are award-worthy. But why was such a sudden decision to cancel “Westworld” after four impressive seasons taken?

HBO Announced The Official Statement Of The “Westworld’s” Cancellation

Though HBO had confirmed “Westworld’s” cancellation, the network couldn’t hold itself back from praising the creators of the show. In the statement, HBO lauded creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy for introducing such a mind-bending odyssey to the audience and giving better outcomes with every step.

The statement read,We are tremendously grateful to [Nolan and Joy], along with their immensely talented cast, producers and crew, and all of our partners at Kilter Films, Bad Robot, and Warner Bros. Television. It’s been a thrill to join them on this journey”.

The success of the show has been documented well enough. To this date, the drama has got as many as 54 Emmy nominations which is definitely one of the biggest feats to achieve in only four seasons.

And it also won nine Emmy awards. Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, Thandiwe Newton, Tessa Thompson, and Ed Harris are a few of the incredible cast members of “Westworld”.

Even during the New York Comic Con, Nolan hinted about the possibility of a fifth season and stated it to be the final one from the franchise He said, “We always planned for a fifth and final season,” “We are still in conversations with the network. We very much hope to make them.”

Much before this, Lisa who co-created the series said to Deadline,Jonah (Nolan) and I have always had an ending in mind that we hope to reach. We have not quite reached it yet.”

So, the plans to give the characters of “Westworld” a proper send-off have been shattered. It did deserve to get the final chance of narrating its story but sadly, that is not going to happen soon. The “Westworld Season 4” ended in August and fans have been waiting for the renewal news since then. But now that the news of the cancellation is out, the hopes have been broken.

What Is The Reason Behind “Westworld” Getting Canceled After Four Seasons?

After the Warner Bros. Discovery merger that happened under David Zaslav, multiple HBO projects had to face cancellation. And “Westworld” was also not safe from the recent scrapping of projects.

The show started off with great expectations but in recent seasons like Season 3 and Season 4, there has been a decline in the ratings. This did make the team reconsider the continuation of “Westworld” Season 5. Both Jonathan and Lisa had a vision about the ending of the series in the final season which is the fifth season. But the story will remain incomplete.

The sci-fi drama still had a lot of potentials and didn’t deserve a sudden cancellation. But there were other factors as well that contributed to such a shocking decision. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show was canceled because of cutting costs. Since concepts like these take a lot of budgets, the network doesn’t want to spend an unnecessary amount on a project that may not be that level hit.

HBO already has an immensely successful TV series under its name that is up for renewal. These are “Euphoria”, “The White Lotus” and of course, the record-breaking “House of the Dragon”. Previously, “Westworld” had the reputation as that of “Game of Thrones” but its slow decline doesn’t make it a worthy contender against other hit shows on HBO. Still with nominations and popularity, “Westworld” should have stayed in the game.

“Westworld” may not return ever again but the fans deserved proper clarity of what the ending would have looked like. We hope HBO reconsiders the decision and brings back “Westworld” for the final season. Do you wish the same?

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