Don’t Miss How Twitter Reacts to Wakanda Forever!

Fans are going crazy on Twitter after Marvel just released a new official trailer for Black Panther Wakanda Forever. Don’t Miss How Twitter Reacts to Wakanda Forever!

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’s official trailer was just released by Marvel, and fans are already tweeting about it. Since Chadwick Boseman passed away, it is unclear who would assume the role of Black Panther in the film.

Don't Miss How Twitter Reacts to Wakanda Forever
Don’t Miss How Twitter Reacts to Wakanda Forever

Even though Ryan Coogler is back to helm the follow-up, he has a lot of pressure to uphold Black Panther’s legacy and do right to Chadwick Boseman. The trailer contained enough material to pique viewers’ interest despite the fact that a significant portion of the plot is still a mystery.

An Emotional Goodbye

Fans have been waiting to see how the studio handles T’Challa’s absence in the sequel ever since Chadwick Boseman passed away in 2020.

The tweet from @THESCARLETRED1 mentions a still from what appears to be T’Challa’s burial in the film and writes, “This scene is going to shatter me.” Although the specifics of his absence from the movie are still unclear, it appears from the teaser that they will be discussed quite early on in the narrative.

Michael B Jordan As The New Black Panther?

Although it is unknown who would assume the role of Black Panther in the follow-up film, fans have some theories based on the trailer. While some supporters are rooting for Shuri to assume the job, others want Michael B. Jordan.

Fans, like Twitter user @CarlMarxPunk, feel that Michael B. Jordan “Should have been” the Black Panther because he played Killmonger in the first Black Panther movie. Black Panther has one of the better endings in Phase 3 thanks to Killmonger’s death at the end of the first film, but there are some intriguing ways the company may bring him back.

The New Suit Looks Great

A new Black Panther also means a new outfit. The audience gets to get a preview of what the new Black Panther outfit will look like, even though Marvel hasn’t revealed who the new Black Panther will be.

The new Black Panther outfit, in the opinion of Twitter user @TheJokerFan2, “looks awesome.” It will be fascinating to see what new technological developments Shuri may make possible with the enhanced outfit. Only time will tell if the new costume and the new Black Panther can live up to the standard, given that Black Panther had one of the most recognisable hand-to-hand fighting methods in the MCU.


Before the release of the trailer, there were rumors that Namor would serve as the film’s main antagonist. Following a tease in the first trailer, this has been verified in the new one.

After seeing him in the video, Twitter user @direkjuan couldn’t help but yell “NAMORRR!!! ” The politics and conflicts between Wakanda and a civilisation that appears to exist mostly underwater will be fascinating to watch. Additionally, it will be extremely challenging to top Killmonger as a Marvel villain, so fans can only hope that Tenoch Huerta fulfils the part to perfection.

Shoutout To The Soundtrack

Both critics and viewers gave the initial Black Panther soundtrack high marks for quality. The pattern appears to be continuing with Wakanda Forever as well. The new trailer’s soundtrack was one of its standout features.

@Gimix2022, a user on Twitter, writes: “That soundtrack is amazing right.” The background music, which honours the roots of Wakandan culture and the fact that the character was written in the west, was the ideal fusion of traditional African sounds and western hip-hop.

Post Blip Explanation

Since Endgame’s regrettable conclusion, Black Panther has not been viewed by many people.

Fans must wait to see how the studio will explain T’Challa’s absence since the blip, which was made evident in the film, and what the sequence of the events in Wakanda Forever will be.

“Curious where in the timeline this is set,” tweets @WS WolfStar. The plot of the film might pick up immediately after the events of Endgame or it might suggest that some time has elapsed since then.

Comic Book Reference

The studio has demonstrated to fans that it wants to adhere to the comics by including Namor’s winged footwear. Dedicated comic book readers have already found a few quotes they would want to see in the film.

Wondering if this will be said in the movie, Twitter user @JPTuesday provided an image of one of the comic book pages. It will be interesting to watch certain famous sentences being reproduced on screen, even though the movie will undoubtedly make some creative decisions that are distinct from the comics.

It’s Shuri Time

Some fans are confident that Shuri will succeed Black Panther, even if it is unclear who will do it. They can almost guarantee it will be Shuri based on the style of the new suit and the shape of the person wearing it. Additionally, it ranked high among Wakanda Forever fan theories.

It is Shuri time, baby, tweets Twitter user @DarshPa90907362. Letitia Wright has a strong chance of succeeding in the job, and if she accepts it, the character can use her wits to improve the suit’s functionality even further.

Shoutout To Ironheart

Marvel has done a commendable job of keeping the movie’s plotlines a mystery. There is still a lot of mystery around the cast of the film, even if fans have a general notion of who the villain would be. The Ironheart suit that appears in some of the trailer’s sequences is believed to be Ironheart.

While the character may be well-known to comic book readers, many moviegoers will be getting their first genuine introduction to the persona. After watching the trailer, Twitter user @Parviva14699081 adds, “Hold up was that Iron Heart?!” It will be intriguing to see how much of the character appears in the film.

Final Lines

It’s no surprise that all the superhero news, especially about the new trailer, is making the internet go crazy. The second Black Panther movie has been in the works for a while, and as more details come out, people’s hopes are rising. So, a lot has been said about the first full-length trailer by a lot of people.

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