Shaq “I Got More Money Than You, Why Would I Listen To You,” Kanye Said

After a two-year absence, Kanye West made his way back onto Twitter on October 8. Kanye’s return to Twitter was greeted with a message from Elon Musk, the company’s incoming owner, saying: “Welcome back to Twitter, my friend.

“Sadly, Kanye’s homecoming was fleeting. Later that day, Kanye posted on Twitter, “I’m a little sleepy today but when I wake up, I’m going death con 3 ON JEWISH PEOPLE.

Kanye’s account was shut down the next morning. Despite the fact that the suspension was lifted at some point in the closing days of October, Kanye didn’t make another post until November 2, when he shared an image of Kyrie Irving without any more text.

As you may have heard, Kyrie has also been under fire for allegedly being anti-Semitic after sharing a link to a movie on Amazon Prime that purportedly contains a variety of anti-Semitic stereotypes and lies.

I Got More Money Than You, Why Would I Listen To You
I Got More Money Than You, Why Would I Listen To You

Shaquille O’Neal gave a monologue during his TNT NBA show the previous evening in which he harshly insulted Irving, even referring to him as an “idiot.” This was the night before Kanye West’s Kyrie Irving post. On November 3, the Brooklyn Nets suspended Kyrie without pay after he refused to accept responsibility for his behavior.

Kanye started calling out specific businesspeople (likely Jewish businesspeople) in a series of tweets he sent out just hours after the ban for reasons I don’t fully understand. As an illustration, he shared a picture of music promoter Scooter Braun and his ex-wife Yael Cohen Braun along with the caption:

I’m a little tired, but tomorrow, I swear, “It will be all love speech, guys.”

Regarding Shaquille O’Neal, Kanye also published the following:

To which Shaq replied:

That should be said once more without the Twitter embed. Shaq’s response:

“You don’t know me like that, I assure you. Organize your family business and in the words of the late great Kanye West, “I got more money than you, so why would I listen to you,” worry about your business. Enjoy your day, brother.”

It’s an interesting comment in the section highlighted in red. It almost sounds like Shaq is claiming that he is wealthier than Kanye. Could it be real? For the record, here is how the current net worths of Kanye West and Shaq compare:

Kanye West and Shaq compare
Kanye West and Shaq compare

Our convenient “Compare and Share” tool which you can use for yourself, was used to make the comparison shown above.

As you can see, we presently estimate Kanye West’s net worth at $1 billion, whereas Shaquille O’Neal’s is $400 million. Yes, we continue to maintain that Kanye West is a billionaire. It’s interesting that when Forbes recalculated Kanye’s net worth after his contract with Adidas ended, they came up with $400 million—not that I trust their arithmetic too much.

According to Forbes‘ calculations, Kanye and Shaq would really be tied at this time in terms of net worth. Shaq’s message is, therefore, in my opinion, outdated today. However, given Kanye’s current rate of professional collapse, it might be true sooner than you think!

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