The Dragon Prince Season 4 Review

Since its premiere in 2018, The Dragon Prince has been one of Netflix’s top animated series. Thanks to its appealing mix of fantasy, animation, and humor, this show has managed to remain popular with viewers of all ages, and early indications are that it is also generating solid revenue for Netflix.

Everyone who watches Netflix regularly knows how impressive it is that the program was renewed for four more seasons after the success of season three. Season 4 of The Dragon Prince, following the thrilling and dramatic conclusion of Season 3, feels like a reset of sorts, steadily building up to grander things to come.

At its core are three narrative strands that entangle with one another to shape Xadia and the universe at large. After the events of the previous season, two years have passed (which also happens to be the same amount of time since the previous season was released!) as a result, the Kingdom is experiencing a period of relative calm.

Ezran is committed to mediating peace between humans and dragons, and he has stopped Viren and hidden Claudia. A speech he gives regarding violence at the end of Season 3 demonstrates how much he has matured as King. The Dragon Prince Season 4 Reviews are given below.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Review

The reviews of Dragon Season 4 are given below. The reviews are done by the various users on IMDB. Note: that there must be spoilers in the reviews so read at your own risk.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Review

Not a good start at all (@logancodel, 5 November 2022)

I’m not going to mince words; this episode was bad. The animation keeps getting better with every season, but apparently, the writing doesn’t get the same love. Season 1 came out over 4 years ago and the characters in the show have grown 2 years older, but the dialogue and humor feels like it’s for actual kindergarteners.
The longer a show for kids goes on, the more important it is that it ages with its audience. This one hasn’t. Granted, this is only the first episode. Maybe it gets better as it goes on. But fans of this show have been waiting for 3 years for new Dragon Prince episodes, and the first thing they get is flossing jokes.

Sadly disappointing (@tibovl, 3 November 2022)

Warning: Spoilers

I really wanted to love this, but I couldn’t. I was clearly looking for something that this show is not. As a spiritual successor to Avatar: the last airbender, which was so mature in its themes and presentation, I was hoping this would be the same.
And, while season 1-3 were less nuanced and more obviously targeted at kids than the last airbender I still found it to be overall strong and enjoyable. But these first two episodes are not at all like that. The characters do nonsensical things, just because the plot or whatever demands it.
Elves randomly waving their whips at a person who’s clearly distressed only to pull a surprised Pikachu face when they get their butts kicked by said person, Viren not being able to stand but climbing a gigantic mountain moments later, Callum just being an all round idiot when he’s supposed to be quite clever and I don’t even want to mention the fart and eat your veggies jokes.

I will continue to watch at least a couple more episodes and see how it evolves (or doesn’t). But for now I’m pretty unhappy with it.

Edit: I have since continued the season and it really picks up again in episode 3. I still think this episode and the one prior are weak, but overall the season is still around 8/10 for me. (Which is good, I don’t give away 10’s and 9’s like it’s nothing.)

Unexpected Epic Story (@Mabkid6, November 2022)

The Dragon Prince takes place in a fantasy world where elves, humans and dragons are divided. But to explain why, there’s an underlying mysterious history that unfolds right from the get go.

Talk about an unexpected epic story. From when the first season just came out, I thought this might be a good filler for my kids. But boy, was the start solid and intense, launching the main characters into an epic adventure.

There’s an intricate plot, but the show does a good job of unfolding the layers in an easy to digest format, for kids, no less. And the world-building and plot is deep. Devious calculating men, sparkling magic wielders, ass-kicking elves, dangerous beasts… this is true fantasy brought to life for the young audience, but rich enough to be appreciated by adults as well.

The Dragon Prince is high fantasy packaged with love for the rated G audience, which doesn’t take away from how well its made. Take a look see. I’m confident it will pleasantly surprise. Finally, I will add that after the main arc “kinda” ended in Season 3, Season 4 is trying to offer closure while introducing a new arc. Where that takes us remains to be seen.

Can’t give it enough praise! (@docrod-8550428, September 2022)

I went into this show weary that it couldn’t compete with Avatar s it’s from the same writer, but right away I was hooked and immersed in the story and I only got more and more invested with each episode. The writing in this show is spectacular.

From the plot to the characters (god the characters are amazing), to the special care they place on handling mature topics without shutting away from them, but instead facing them and exploring them with grace.

I am not crazy about representation as a “must” in shows, but the way representation is handled in this show is the best I have ever seen. Characters that are being represented are not caricatures nor do the characters react to them any differently. That’s what representation should be, normalization of the demographic being represented.

This show will manage to pull your emotions in every direction and never fails to make you genuinely laugh with clever jokes that fit the moment perfectly. All in all, my favorite show that I have seen in the last 10 years or so. I need the 4th season asap!

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