Who is Kevin Jonas Wife? What Secret To They Happy Marriage?

Compared to his bandmates’ brothers, Kevin Jonas has always had a distinct approach to things. Along with his younger brothers Joe and Nick, Kevin became famous as a teenager as part of the musical group the Jonas Brothers. Kevin played the guitar and contributed to songwriting but unlike the other two, he never sang lead.

Kevin, now 34, was the first of the brothers to get married. After falling in love with fellow New Jersey native and hairdresser Danielle DeLeasa, they got married after a few years of dating. After its August 2012 premiere and two seasons, the reality series Married to Jonas would go on to feature the two of them as its stars.

Unlike his brothers, Kevin delved into business after the Jonas Brothers’ public breakup in 2013, making an appearance on Celebrity Apprentice in 2014. In addition, he co-founded the Jonas Werner construction company and rose to co-CEO of Blu Market Company, a company that helps social media influencers.

Kevin’s wife supported him through it all and when the brothers reconciled in 2019, she appeared in the music video for one of their comeback songs, “Sucker,” with the JoBros and Joe and Nick’s respective girlfriends, actors Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra.

And Danielle makes another brief return to the entertainment industry when she makes an appearance with her famous family members on the upcoming Jonas Brothers Family Roast on Netflix which debuts on the streaming service on Tuesday, Nov. 23.

To learn more about Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle, including how they met, how his brothers foresaw that they would wed, the argument their youngest daughter had with Aunt Priyanka and how they have managed to stay together for so long, keep reading.

Is Kevin Jonas Married?

Since 2009! Danielle grew up in Denville, around 30 minutes from Wyckoff where the Jonas brothers did. Hairdresser when she met Jonas.

Danielle, 35, is a jewelry designer for her brand, Danielle Jonas Co. “I went with jewelry because I searched for the appropriate items,” she told Forbes in 2019. I’m sentimental and think jewelry is the best everyday keepsake.

Who is Kevin Jonas Wife
                                                        Who is Kevin Jonas’s Wife

Danielle is rarely in the spotlight but she portrayed a diva in the “Sucker” video, wearing a big gown and strolling corgis. This sequence was filmed at Queen Elizabeth I’s childhood home, Hatfield House. Danielle was honored to be in the video. “I’m shy, so it was nerve-wracking. Pri and Sophie do movies. Everyone was incredibly polite and encouraging as I stood next to them.

Kevin enjoyed the video so much that he got a tattoo of Danielle. “Family newcomer. So honored to remember this with @daniellejonas forever!” Jonas wrote on Instagram. Reaction?

She joked, “He’s getting carried away with tattoos.” “He’s doing with it what I’ve done with jewelry my whole life: buying small pieces to add later.” Kevin has a “Dani” tattoo on his left ring finger, four doves and his daughter’s plush animals.

How Did Kevin Jonas And His Wife First Meet?

The two lovebirds met accidentally—just as fans hope to meet their faves. Both families were vacationing at Atlantis in the Bahamas. Danielle later said, “I didn’t know the Jonas Brothers.” To her credit, few did either. “We were early in our profession, so no one was approaching us,” Kevin said.

Kevin saw her again the next day. “I thought, ‘Gosh, every time I see Danielle, her hair looks so gorgeous and she did it. She always looked well-kept. Her good manners intrigued me. First impressions were favorable.

He received her number from her sister but she wasn’t sure it would endure beyond their holiday. In L.A. I was on vacation. Why would I spend vacation time with a kid I’ll never see again? Why waste time? Kevin told her he desired a long-term relationship. Later, he said, “I was the one pursuing her most of the time, she ran away twice.”

Who is Kevin Jonas Wife
                                                    Who is Kevin Jonas’s Wife

He called her when her plane landed in Jersey (he tracked it). “You’re supposed to meet someone and call two or three days later? I cyber-stalked her after we met to find what flight she was on coming home and I contacted her the minute she landed,” he told Glamour in 2012.

Kevin’s brothers caught on quickly. In their Chasing Happiness documentary, they interrupt a phone call between the pair, Nick replies, “Sorry. Because she’s your wife, we were excited.”

Is Kevin Jonas Still Married?

After a performance in July 2009, Kevin flew home to propose. When asked the biggest question of his life by the most amazing girl in the world, he admitted to PEOPLE at the time, “It was challenging performing last night.” She “said yes, yes, yes” a whopping 500 times in a row.” “It still feels like a dream,” she continued to the site.

Later, in July 2021, he uploaded a picture of the proposal to Instagram and captioned it, “Twelve years ago when digital cameras couldn’t zoom. Happy wedding day, baby girl.

When Did Kevin Jonas Get Married?

Finally getting hitched on December 19, 2009, were Kevin and Danielle. For the major event, she chose a Vera Wang gown made of lace and tulle.

Who is Kevin Jonas Wife
                                                         Who is Kevin Jonas’s Wife

Where Did Kevin Jonas Get Married?

In Huntington, New York at Oheka Castle, Kevin and Danielle exchanged vows. Joe Jonas said on James Corden’s show that Kevin had a snowstorm at his wedding (“three and a half feet,” added Kevin), so perhaps avoid getting married in December.

Joe was equally impressed by the wedding’s magical winter woodland motif. During the reception, he exclaimed, “This is ridiculous. “I cannot surpass this.” Even a video of the couple’s special day was posted by the venue.

What’s The Secret To Kevin And Danielle Jonas’ Happy Marriage?

Kevin and Danielle were ready to brag about each other in 2012. Kevin stated, “Sweet, gorgeous, gracious.” Danielle commented, “Lovely, crazy and generous.” Kevin married at 22 despite his great job. How does he maintain his marriage with Danielle strong as their 12th-anniversary approaches?

Initially, he toured with her. The craziest part [about getting married] is having our tour van, given how often we travel. Dani set up my and Danielle’s small abode. We did that so that was great,” Kevin stated in 2012.

The kids changed things. He stated it’s hard for Chicks in the Office in October 2019. “I fly home often. Say we have a day off,  fly home at 5 a.m., then return the next morning. There’s not much balance… yet you’re there.”

Who is Kevin Jonas Wife
                                                    Who is Kevin Jonas’s Wife

One side of his guitar pick says K&D (their initials) while the other says A&D. Since quarantining at home during COVID-19, the Jonases have become closer. I’ve enjoyed spending time with my family “Kevin remarked in a May 2020 SiriusXM Hits 1 interview. “We get along great, so I’m glad.”

Kevin woos his wife. Kevin commented on Instagram in 2020 about their anniversary, accompanied by a photo showing the couple on two pay phones adjacent to each other. “This is where we met and I thank God every day for his gift,” he remarked. “100 more, baby! Love you.”

He also showed on Instagram Stories that he’d set up string lights, candles, balloons, pillows, blankets and a canopy for the TV fireplace display (with popcorn buckets!). “11 years! When I look at you, I’m home. When I’m with you, I feel complete, Danielle wrote. “I love you, my other half!”

His wife’s support helps, too. She said, “We work well.” “I don’t need everyone to know me as well as him. I hope he achieves his goals and has a successful career. I don’t mind because I want him to shine.”

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