Aaron Carter’s Dating History: His Relationship Timeline!

You may recognize Aaron Carter as Nick Carter‘s younger brother and as a former child star or musician. However, he has recently become the focus of media attention due to changes in his physical appearance, including the emergence of numerous new tattoos (including some on his face) and his quite extensive and, honestly, kind of complicated romantic life.

His first high-profile romance was with Hilary Duff, back in their Lizzie McGuire days (so cute). Dating the Disney starlet, though, complicated his personal life. As in, two failed engagements and an extremely awkward on-and-off relationship. So, if you’re interested in learning more, just hang tight. Because it’s just too juicy to pass up!

Dating-Wise, Aaron Carter’s Resume Kicks Off With Hilary Duff

They shared a memorable kiss in a 2001 episode of Lizzie McGuire that has since become a pop culture landmark. It was already shocking to see mouth-to-mouth action on Disney Channel in the first place, so this came as a complete surprise.

Second, the chemistry between the then-13-year-olds was palpable even in that one episode, which was the frosting on the cake. After that, rumours of an on-again, off-again relationship involving Lindsay Lohan began to circulate. Sure, that’s a lot to take in.

Aaron Carter’s Dating History
Aaron Carter’s Dating History

His 2014 tweets to Duff expressed his desire to regain her affection. These tweets have been deleted at this time. However, not long after making such a startling remark on social media, he went on ET to elaborate on his position.

After being questioned if he still loved her, he said: “Absolutely… Neither of us recognises the other as we are now, but if we met again, I would sweep her off her feet and apologize for my past mistakes.”

Duff was asked how she felt about the things Aaron had been saying about her in a Buzzfeed interview, and she responded, “I feel really bad about it “I’ve noticed that he keeps doing that very thing. To be honest, I can’t really put my finger on how I feel.

We just don’t know each other because it was so long ago, and I’m still married and have a baby. To sum up, then…” When she made this remark, she was still married to Mike Comrie.

Aaron Dated Lindsay Lohan Briefly

Hilary and Aaron’s breakup may have been caused, in part, by Lindsay. According to a 2005 interview with CNBC, he remarked, “I was seeing [Hilary] for like a year and a half and then I just got a little bored so I went and started getting to know Lindsay.” How harsh can you be, anyway?

They started dating while they were young, but their teen romance didn’t last. In 2010, however, Aaron Carter did an interview with OK! in which he discussed their relationship. Because what I have to say is so forthright and different from what everyone else has told her, I doubt she would give me the benefit of the doubt if I ever got the chance to speak with her.”

He elaborated, “That’s fine, because I don’t require your help. Keep in mind that there were occasions when you really required my assistance. Okay, cool!

When HeWs 18 Years Old, Aaron Proposed To A Playboy Model

Aaron, when only 18, proposed to Kari Anne Peniche, then 22. There were rumors that she dated his brother Nick as well. She answered “yes” to the proposal in 2006 at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, which took place during a Playboy Comedy Tour.

However, they decided to cancel the event only six days after it took place. His spokesperson told the media, “He realized his error and repented. His youth and inexperience led him to act impulsively. He really wants them to be buddies.

Aaron then dated a woman named Madison Parker and broke things off before revealing he was bis*xual. They reportedly lived together after dating for almost a year. She left after they had broken up. And a week after their split, Aaron came out as bis*xual in a statement he posted to Twitter.

In a tweet that has since been removed, he claimed, “There were years that went by that I pondered about, but it wasn’t until I was 17 that I had an experience with a male who I had an attraction to who I also worked with and grew up with.”

There were rumors that this was the cause of the split between him and Madison, but she denied those to E! “The fact that Aaron is bis*xual is in no way related to the reasons for my breakup with him. Our breakup has been a long time in the making, but it’s for the best that we’ve now come to this conclusion “as she put it.

Aaron Carter’s Dating History
Aaron Carter’s Dating History

In 2018, Aaron Carter Revealed He Met The One He Was Meant To Be with

Together with the Russian-born, Los Angeles-based artist Lina Valentina, he shared an Instagram photo (now deleted). The message he chose read: “Because you have shown me that you are the lady I have always dreamed of, you will always hold a special place in my heart.

Although our relationship is young, I know that we will grow old together and start a family. It was almost a year of dating, but Aaron said they broke up.

Currently, He’s Engaged To Melanie Martin And Has Her Name Tattooed On His Face

Their relationship was kept under wraps until January of 2020. He got a tattoo of her name on his face, so she must have been really special. Despite the couple’s turbulent past, which included an arrest for domestic abuse, Cheat Sheet reports that they are now engaged to be married.

After announcing their reconciliation and miscarriage on a YouTube live stream, the couple announced their engagement. Shortly after breaking up, Aaron tweeted some hurtful things, but they appear to be over the moon to be back together again.

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